National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination
"Protecting and Promoting the Christian Faith and Our Religious Heritage."

Updates 9:

PBS Cancels Creationism

“The PBS station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, canceled a scheduled showing of a documentary on the theory of intelligent design, eliciting charges or ‘politically correct censorship.’ New Mexico teacher Phil Robinson says he worked with staff at KNME-TV to arrange for the documentary, ‘Unlocking the Mystery of Life.’ Robinson discovered the show had been pulled and newspaper advertising for it had been canceled. The program manager said there was a concern about the fact that those who funded the film have religious ties. ‘It is simply astounding that a public television station would engage in this sort of politically correct censorship,’ said Rob Crowther, director of communication for Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture.” (WorldNetDaily. 1/5/05.)


Boycotting Target

“Buoyed by news that Target Corp. failed to meet holiday sales projections, the National Clergy Council is urging church members to continue to boycott the retail chain because it barred Salvation Army bell ringers during the Christmas season. In December of 2004, Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox and Protestant clergy members and 30,000 lay delegates in all 50 states called on congregations, organizations, family, friends and associates to suspend holiday shopping at Target stores. Rev. Rob Schenck, the council’s president, said: ‘This is not about being vindictive. It’s about teaching proper moral and civic responsibility to corporations that make bad public policy decisions. This isn’t personal, unless, of course, you’re talking about the personal injury Target is doing to the poor who are helped by one of America’s oldest, most reputable and most effective charities.’” (WorldNetDaily. 1/8/05.)


Newdow Again

“An atheist who sued because he did not want his young daughter exposed to the words ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance has filed another suit to bar the saying of a prayer at President Bush’s inauguration. Michael Newdow notes that two ministers delivered Christian invocations at Bush’s first inaugural ceremony in 2001 and Bush plans for a minister to do the same when he takes his oath of office on Jan. 20th. Newdow’s suit now in the U.S. District of Columbia says the use of a prayer is unconstitutional.” (The Gazette. 1/7/05.)


Victory for Judging a Judge

“A federal appeals court says a judge’s quotation of a Bible passage in sentencing a convicted child rapist to prison isn’t reason to set aside the sentence. A three-judge panel voted 2-1 to reject James Arnett’s argument that an Ohio judge violated his rights by citing Jesus’ words in the Gospel of Matthew when Judge Melba Marsh sentenced him to 51 years in prison.”(Agape Press. 1/7/05.)


Estes Park Trustee’s Anti-Pledge Rebel

“In a protest against the public display of religion, an Estes Park town trustee, David Habecker, opted to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance to open town board meetings rather than reciting the words ’under God.’ Habecker, who maintains the phrase violates church and state separation clauses, took the stand after the board voted earlier this year to begin reciting the pledge as a show of community support during wartime. Habecker’s actions angered many in the community who have successfully implemented a recall vote against the 12-year board veteran. The recall vote will come Feb. 15.” (The Christian Examiner. January 2005.)


ACLU & Evolution

“ Suggesting that evolution is a theory rather than fact endorses religion and causes anguish among impressionable school children in an Atlanta suburb, at least in the opinion of U.S. District Court Judge Clarence Cooper. Earlier in January, the Clinton-appointed district judge dove head first into the evolution versus intelligent design debate by ordering the Cobb County Board of Education to remove a sticker from science textbooks stating that ‘evolution is a theory, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things.’ The ACLU along with Jeffrey Selman, accompanied by four other plaintiffs, sued the school district under the contention that the sticker violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and the Georgia Constitution. The Judged declared in his ruling that an ‘informed, reasonable observer would understand the school board to be endorsing the viewpoint of Christian fundamentalists and creationists that evolution is a problematic theory lacking an adequate foundation.’ There’s a problem with his judicial logic: The Georgia Constitution itself creates ‘an impermissible message of endorsement’ in its preamble by entreating the people to rely ‘upon the protection and guidance of Almighty God.’ That sounds pretty close to a theistic, creationist view to me. Is Judge Cooper now planning to declare the constitution of his own state unconstitutional for public schools?” (David N. Bass. “Separation of Sticker and State.” 1/15/05. WorldNetDaily.)


ACLU & A Coach’s Prayer

“Under threat of an ACLU lawsuit, a high-school wrestling coach was ordered to stop leading prayers with team members after practices and before meets. Daren Schaller, coach at Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti, Michigan, had been conducting the prayers without objection from students or parents, the Detroit Free Press reported. But a story in a local paper brought his praying to the attention of the ACLU, and it took just one day for the district, Lincoln Consolidated Schools, to end it, the paper said. The prayers were not mandatory, but the whole team participated. Detroit ACLU legal director Michael Steinberg insisted, however, the prayers at the high school were not constitutional because they were led by the coach.” (WorldNetDaily. 1/21/05.)


ACLU & Abstinence Tiff

“Escalating a fight over whether Louisiana’s program encouraging premarital sexual abstinence promotes religion, the ACLU asked a federal court recently to hold the state in contempt of a 2002 court settlement over the issue. In its motion, the American Civil Liberties Union contends that the Governor’s Program on Abstinence—despite the agreement not to promote religion—continues to feature religious materials on its official Web site. The action followed a letter sent by the ACLU to the governor’s program asking it to remove all religious content from the Web site. In December, Gov. Kathleen Blanco and her executive counsel, Terry Ryder, said merely providing links to other abstinence-related sites with religious content does not violate the settlement.” (The Advocate. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 1/21/05.)


ACLU & Polygamy

“Students at Yale University got an earful recently when ACLU President Nadine Strossen outlined her agenda for the coming year at a school-sponsored master’s tea. While harping on her organization’s mission ‘to defend all fundamental rights of all people’(unless, of course, you happen to be both evangelical and heterosexual), Strossen indicated that, among other goals, a push for legalized polygamy may be on the horizon.

In answer to a student’s question about homosexual and polygamous marriage, Strossen told the group of students that the ACLU has ‘defended the right for individuals to engage in polygamy’ and that her organization will continue defending ‘the freedom of choice for mature, consenting adults.” (WorldNetDaily. 1/22/05.)


ACLU & Sexual Rights

“A controversial amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act, extending anti-discrimination protection on the basis of sexual orientation, was pushed vigorously in the legislature by the state chapter of the ACLU. The law, signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich in mid-January, allows no exemptions for people or institutions with religious convictions against sodomy, cross-dressing, adultery, sex changes, pornography, incest, group sex

or even bestiality. Some are suggesting the amendment is setting up a clash with the First Amendment protections of religious freedom.” (WorldNetDaily. 1/26/05.)


ACLU & Calendar Complaint

“A woman from Greer has taken a complaint to the ACLU, stating that the Commission of Public Works’ new calendar is inappropriate for a public utilities company. The calendar in question is given as a free gift to CPW’s customers and has a Bible verse printed on each day of the year. ‘It is religion creeping in, inch by inch, to government,’ said Sheila Jackson. Jackson and Mike Cubelo of the ACLU are asking CPW to recognize the changing face of a city. Cubelo said in a letter to the Greer CPW: ‘Obviously, our concern is that public funds and time are being used for religious purposes.’ CPW turned the complaint over to its attorney, who declined to comment on the case.” (The Carolina Channel. 1/27/05.)


Judge Orders Bible Removed

“A Bible has been removed from a display on the grounds of a Texas courthouse after an appeals court lifted an order that had kept the Bible in place. The head of a Christian group in the Lone Star State, Rick Scarborough of Vision America, says the action should outrage followers of Christ across the nation. The Bible, a King James Version, was removed from the 48-year-old, four-foot-tall monument in front of the Harris County Civil Courts building in Houston in early January. Following a suit filed by a real estate broker—who claimed the display offended non-Christians—a judge ruled last summer that displaying the Bible on county property represented an unconstitutional promotion of Christianity by the county. However, an appeals court issued a temporary stay of the judge’s order.” (Agape Press. 1/13/05.)


School Blocks Bible as Literature

“A school board in Michigan has rejected a Bible course for its public high school, thus ending a year-long debate about the ‘Bible as Literature and History’ class. The National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools insists the content of the Bible class conforms to the law in all respects. However, groups such as the ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the People for the American Way have argued that the biblically-based course illegally promotes religion, and therefore violates the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution.” (Agape Press. 1/12/05.)


The Passion, Prejudice & Porn

“A Florida college has prohibited a Christian student group from showing the film The Passion of the Christ. The same school has hosted a live performance that included an obscene reading that involved a character simulating sex with an image of Christ. Administrators at Indian River Community College in Fort Pierce initially told the Christian Student Fellowship that Mel Gibson’s film was too controversial. Later the school cited a school policy that bars the showing of R-rated movies on campus. Supposedly, it was not prohibited on the basis of religion. But David French, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), says even though the policy is not in writing, the college justified its action by saying they were concerned that dual-enrollment high school students on campus could wander into a private showing of the movie. ‘What’s astonishing about this case is that on the one hand, the college said that they’re concerned with young people seeing an R-rated movie,’ French says. ‘And then on the other hand, in their own theater, they hosted a play that was open to the public that had an obscene title and that featured simulated sex, or discussions of simulated sex, with Jesus Christ.’ According to FIRE, that skit—performed by a campus project called ‘No Shame Theater’ - was typical of productions by the group, which it says has ‘hosted skits that would earn an R-rating in any movie house.’ In many cases, these skits could earn an

NC-17 rating.” (Agape Press. 1/17/05.)


City Hall Prayer Banned

“Controversy is swirling surrounding an opening prayer at last week’s Cleveland City Council meeting. NewsChannel5’s Joe Pagonakis reported that during the prayer, the man leading prayer asked for ‘homosexuals to repent and abortionists to stop their infanticide.’ The opening prayer is part of the weekly program of events, and opens each council meeting. This is the first time that the opening prayer has ever caused such a problem. Keith Timco, a city hall employee and the man leading in prayer, is now banned from ever praying before the City Council again.” (NewsNet5. Cleveland, OH. 1/31/05.)


Colorado Court Judges Bible

“Jurors who sentenced a convicted killer to die did nothing wrong when they studied the Bible during deliberations—including the verse that commands ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,’ prosecutors told the Colorado Supreme Court on Feb. 1 as they sought to have the man put back on death row. A lower court threw out the death penalty given to Robert Harlan for raping and murdering a 25-year-old cocktail waitress

in 1994. Defense attorneys challenged the sentence after discovering that five jurors had looked up Bible verses, copied some of them down and then talked about them behind closed doors. Defense attorney Kathleen Lord said jurors had gone outside the law: ‘They went to the Bible to find out God’s position on capital punishment.’ Lord sparred briefly with Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey, who asked whether the trial judge had specifically barred jurors from consulting the Bible. Lord said she didn’t know but argued that the answer doesn’t matter. The justices took the case under advisement.” (The Gazette. 2/2/05.)


Churches Must Hire Gays?

“ Illinois churches are protesting a new state law that bars them from ‘discriminating’ against homosexuals, contending it robs Christians of their First Amendment freedoms. Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed the bill into law on 1/21/05 amid a demonstration led by the Illinois Family Institute (IFI). The measure adds ‘sexual orientation’ to the state law that bars discrimination based on race, religion and similar traits in areas such as jobs and housing. But IFI Executive Director Peter LaBarbera notes the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Carol Ronen, D-Chicago, is on record stating it should be applied to churches, meaning they would not be allowed, for example, to reject a job applicant who practices homosexual behavior. LaBarbera argues politicians who don’t view homosexuality as a sin have no right to take away the freedom of churches and people of faith to disagree. The new law applies to organizations or businesses with more than 15 employees. ‘There is no societal consensus for homosexuality, bisexuality or transsexuality as the basis for civil rights—and certainly none for the idea that gay “rights” should trump those of churches,’ said LaBarbera.” (WorldNetDaily. 1/22/05.)


Ten Commandments Rebound

“A federal appeals court backed a Wisconsin city’s creative effort to preserve a Ten Commandments monument. The decision on 1/3/05 overturned a ruling by a federal district court which said the city of LaCrosse’s sale of the monument and accompanying land to the Fraternal Order of Eagles was a violation of the First Amendment’s ban on congressional establishment of religion. Last February, the district court ruled that the August 2002 sale ‘demonstrated a preference for the religious message of the monument’ because of a lawsuit by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. But, the 2-1 appellate court decision by the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, rejected that conclusion, saying the sale was ‘constitutionally appropriate.’” (WorldNetDaily. 1/4/05.)


Prepare for Persecution

“Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia gave a humdinger of an indispensable speech for people of faith who are wondering when they are ever going to catch a break from the culture wars. Summary: bad treatment to be expected—get used to it! Addressing the Knights of Columbus Council 969 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Scalia said that belief in biblical Christianity is beyond the understanding of a this-world rationality. There seems to be today a vehemence, an ugly mean-spiritedness of the mockers when they speak of Christians and their biblical affirmations. Scalia told the faithful to ‘have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ and be willing to suffer contempt.’” (Agape Press. 1/27/05.)


FBI Questions Pastor

“A pastor of a small southern Illinois church has been subjected to a Federal Bureau

of Investigation probe after delivering a pro-life Memorial Day sermon comparing aborted babies to casualties of war. Randy Steele, pastor of Southwest Christian Church in Mount Vernon, Illinois, says he was interviewed by federal agents after a parishioner accused him of advocating violence during a sermon six months earlier. After comparing the number of people who have died in wars with the vast multitudes that have died though ‘legal’ abortions since 1973, Steele had stated that pro-life America is now engaged in ‘a different type of war that is being fought under the presupposition of freedom.’ Then he had proceeded to mention a certain abortion clinic in Granite City, Illinois, where the staff performs as many as 45 abortions a week. The parishioner thought he was talking about a physical war against abortion clinics and made an anonymous call to the FBI. Steele says when the FBI agents looked at his sermon notes, they saw that no threats had been issued. ‘Within just a matter of minutes, after looking at my sermon notes, the federal agents basically were saying, “Well, there’s nothing here.”’ (Agape Press. 2/10/05; Baptist Press News. 2/2/05.)


The Philly 5 Vindicated

“A judge on 2/17/05 in Philadelphia dismissed all charges against the ‘Philly 5.’ Eleven Christians were arrested in Philadelphia in October, 2004, for peacefully preaching the gospel at a homosexual celebration called ‘OutFest.’ Four men and a juvenile were bound over for trial on criminal charges, which included ‘riot’ and ‘ethnic intimidation.’ The five faced as much as 47 years in prison if they were convicted on all charges. Court of Common Pleas Judge Pamela Dembe quickly and summarily dismissed the charges on the grounds that prosecutors were unable to make even a minimal showing of any criminal conduct. Instead, she ruled that peaceful expressive activities are fully protected by the First Amendment and cannot form the basis of a criminal prosecution.” (American Family Association News Release. 2/17/05.)


Bill Maher & Anti-Christianism

“Television personality Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, says Christians and others who are religious suffer from a neurological disorder that ‘stops people from thinking.’ Appearing as a guest on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country recently, Maher told host Joe Scarborough: ‘We are a nation that is unenlightened because of religion. I do believe that. I think that religion stops people from thinking. I think it justifies crazies...I think religion is a neurological disorder. If you look at it logically, it’s something that was drilled into your head when you were a small child. It certainly was drilled into mine at that age. And you really can’t be responsible when you are a kid for what adults put into your head.’ Maher went on to say, ‘I think the vote in Missouri (rejecting same-sex marriage) and a lot of other states is because people are religious...They believe in religion, which as—I think it was Jesse Ventura who had that quote about religion is a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers.’

Maher told Scarborough he was convinced that the influence of evangelicals will wane.

‘I am embarrassed that America has been taken over by evangelicals, by people who do not believe in science and rationality. It is the 21st century. And I will tell you that the future does not belong to evangelicals or religion.’” (WorldNetDaily. 2/18/05.)


Attorney as Christian Bigot

“Most of the country is aware by now of the five Christians in Philadelphia who were charged with numerous ‘felonies,’ while peacefully demonstrating (against a homosexual event) in the ‘city of brotherly love.’ District Attorney Charles Ehrlich charged the defendants were ‘hateful’ and proclaimed that preaching the Bible is tantamount to ‘fighting words.’ It’s unfortunate that an imbecile like Ehrlich hasn’t read Cannon v. City and County of Denver, 998. F.2d 867. (10th Cir. 1993).” (WorldNetDaily. Devvy Kidd. “Imbeciles Who Serve in Public Office.” 2/18/05.)


Hate-Free Speech Zone?

“Christians in Placerville, California, who are against those who engage in sodomy have been making their presence known the past few weeks with very large truck signs. One of their signs read: ‘Homosexuality is sin.’ Mike Kobus, a Placerville business owner told the City Council, ’Signs expressing hate of a specific lifestyle are not a way to greet people.’ A sign which reads ’Homosexuality is sin’ is now considered an expression of hate? The pro-homosexual groups rallied and began their worn out chants about ‘hate speech’ and ‘violation of civil rights.’ As a result of this pressure, on 2/10/05, Placerville’s Mayor Robby Colvin brought forth a proclamation declaring Placerville a ‘hate-free zone.’ ‘This is a personal attack on our freedom of speech. We will not tolerate anti-Christian bigotry. This is an abuse of civil authority to persecute religion. You have just declared civil government to be at war with Christianity,’ said Placerville resident Luke Otterstad.” (WorldNetDaily. 2/18/05.)


Atheist vs. Boy Scouts Again!

“An atheist is appealing a court ruling that found nothing illegal about a school district’s policy of letting the Boy Scouts recruit inside schools. An attorney for John Scalise said he would ask the Michigan Supreme Court to consider an appeal in the religious discrimination case. Scalise argues the Boy Scouts discriminates against non-religious boys and parents by denying them membership if they don’t swear to religious oaths. Therefore, schools are violating the Constitution.” ( Detroit Free Press. 2/22/05.)


The Military & the Boy Scouts

“The House voted overwhelmingly by 418—7 for a resolution urging the military to continue supporting Boy Scout jamborees and other activities. Last year, the Pentagon agreed to warn military bases against directly sponsoring Boy Scout troops. That partly settled claims the American Civil Liberties Union that the government engages in religious discrimination by supporting a group whose members must believe in God. The Pentagon says Boy Scouts can still meet on base like other civilian groups, and military personnel can take part in Scout activities on their own time. The House bills’ supporters condemned the ACLU and praised scouting for developing good citizens. A companion bill has been introduced in the Senate.” (Agape Press. 2/10/05.)


Using Jesus’ Name a Sin?

“Congressional chaplains typically close their invocations with a religious neutral ‘in Your name we pray.’ Guest ministers, however, are less likely to pray in a way that is considered inclusive or political correct. Recently the House session began with a prayer by a Baptist minister—Rev. Allen of Beckley, West Virginia—who concluded by saying, ‘in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.’ Some non-Christians take offense at such prayers, but many Christians feel it is a matter of obeying Jesus, who told His followers to pray in His name. Others leading public prayer clarify that they are invoking Jesus’ name only on behalf of themselves and fellow believers. The guest minister’s congressman, Democrat Nick Rahall, notes that Rev. Allen calls himself ‘a God-called, Spirit-filled preacher of God’s Word.’”(Agape Press. 2/10/05.)


Judging a Judge

“Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers is complaining about a judge who quoted the Bible in court. Last year, the Nebraska Court of Appeals vacated Judge George Thompson’s 15-to-50-year sentence of Jay Bruna, a child molester who assaulted a child on a school bus. The appellate court threw out Thompson’s pronouncement and required the convicted man to be resentenced, a decision based on the fact that Thompson had made references to the Bible before sentencing the man. Senator Chambers has filed a complaint with the Nebraska Commission on Judicial Qualifications.” (Agape Press. 2/3/05.)


God Owes Us an Apology?

“The tsunami of sea water was followed instantly by a tsunami of spittle as the religious sputtered to rationalize God’s latest felony… Theodicy, in other words, the attempt to reconcile God’s perfect goodness with the manifest evils of His world—has arisen from the waves. The clerics who are struggling to make sense of the tsunami must not have noticed that this is hardly the first display of God’s penchant for wanton, homicidal mischief. God has a lot to account for in the way of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and plagues. The Christian-style ‘God of love’ should be particularly vulnerable to post-tsunami doubts. What kind of ‘love’ inspired Him to wrest babies from their parents’ arms, the better to drown them in a hurry? Any religion centered on a God who is both all-powerful and all-good should be subject to a thorough post-tsunami evaluation. If he is all-powerful, then clearly he doesn’t give a damn.” (The Progressive magazine. Barbara Ehrenreich. “God Owes Us An Apology.” March 2005 Issue.)


Anti-Christian Universities

“A student columnist at North Carolina State University says there’s a climate of anti-Christian bigotry on campus. Junior chemistry major Daniel Underwood says, ‘There’s a marginalization of anyone who holds any sort of religious views firmly.’ He recalls an incident last semester in which a professor asked a guest speaker not to mention the name of ‘Jesus’ while addressing his ‘Social Deviance’ class. Underwood, who wrote a column about the incident for the student newspaper, believes that teachers—like most on campus—are uncomfortable with born-again Christians, but seem more open to embrace other religions—particularly Islam.” (Agape Press. 2/8/05.)


The Leftist, Godless Oscar Awards

Almost all of us knew this...but again, the night of the Oscar ceremony was confirmation of the leftist ideology and liberal worldview of Hollywood—that is, the stars, emcee, directors, producers, and film academy revealed their mindset.

Black comedian, Chris Rock, hosted the show and used it as a pulpit to promote his view of politics. He used Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 9-11 in a factual, positive light to blast President Bush and his policies in a four-minute “comedic” diatribe. Then he bounced over and perpetuated the lie of the Hollywood elites by saying Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was divisive and discriminatory. He had no inclination to think Moore’s movie was divisive but he did think that the final moment’s of the life of Jesus Christ was so. How typical!

So, as usual, the Oscars went to the movies and stars that represented the following themes: abortion, euthanasia, skirt-chasing eccentrics, pornography and the like. Film director, Martin Scorsese, whose movie

The Aviator won numerous awards, had the gall to say, “Because of the rise of Christian fundamentalism, main characters in Hollywood films can’t have abortions.”

Are you kidding me?

Scorsese was the director of the revisionist and blasphemous movie The Last Temptation of Christ, which by the way won accolades from Hollywood and the liberal media. In that film, Jesus did not die on the Cross and he eventually married Mary Magdalene. And yet, he says it’s “Christian fundamentalists” that are restricting Hollywood? Was it the Christians that kept the film academy from honoring or even reviewing The Passion of the Christ? We all know that it is blind, godless secularism and hedonism that is in control of the Hollywood powers that be. This cultural chasm will continue to grow! (The Salt Factor Newsletter. 3/2005. Tom Pedigo, Editor. AFA of CO State Director.)


Circuit Court Chaos

“The federal appeals court which made national headlines for declaring the Pledge of Allegiance an unconstitutional endorsement of religion is now being sued for allegedly pushing God on the public. At issue is the seal for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in San Francisco. Attorney Ryan Donlon claims the image on the seal displays the Ten Commandments which is a violation.” (WorldNetDaily. 2/10/05.)


Homosexual Hostility & Guilt

“A Dallas-area church called New Wine Fellowship focuses much of its outreach effort on a predominantly homosexual area of town. Every weekend, members of the congregation hit the streets in a ministry known as ’Soul Patrol.’ New Wine associate pastor, Jacob Watson, says, ‘They’re hostile. You know, we’ll just be preaching the gospel, just mentioning sin in general and homosexuals will come up and confront me, challenging me with statements like, “Well, you’re telling me because I’m a homosexual I’m going to hell?” According to Watson, this generally happens when he has not even mentioned homosexuality by name.” (Agape Press. 2/9/05.)


Gay Marriage & the Simpsons

“In the culture wars over whether gays should have the right to marry, an animated question reared its head recently on prime-time television: As goes ‘The Simpsons,’ does the nation go, too? In an episode titled ‘There’s Something About Marrying,’ a longtime character on Fox’s 15-year hit—it was Marge Simpson’s sister, Patty Bouvier, a closely held secret until the 7 p.m. broadcast—came out of the closet while Homer Simpson conducted dozens of same-sex weddings after Springfield legalized the unions to try to increase tourism. As television’s longest-running situation comedy, ‘The Simpsons’ is no stranger to hot-button social, religious and political issues as well as mocking born-again Christians.” (The Gazette. 2/21/05.)


City Bars Family Values

“A federal court ruled the city of Oakland had a right to bar two employees from posting a flier promoting traditional family values on an office bulletin board. Even though a flier was posted promoting the formation of a gay and lesbian employee association, when Regina Rederford and Robin Christy posted a flier promoting marriage and traditional families, theirs was ordered to be removed. The city manager and deputy director of the Community and Economic Development Agency declared the flier “homophobic in nature” and promoted ‘sexual-orientation-based harassment.’”

(WorldNetDaily. 2/17/05.)

Air Force Football Faith

“Air Force Academy football coach Fisher DeBerry, who was counseled last year for promoting Christianity to cadets, said recently that religion is ‘what we’re all about’ at the academy. DeBerry also said in an interview with The Gazette he would consider continuing team prayers after football games next season as he’s done during his 21-year Falcon coaching career. ‘I don’t think you separate religion from normal, everyday life,’ he said. ‘Football, academics, military training—everything—all encompasses everything. Religion is a part of life.’

Superintendent Lt. Gen. John Rosa said it’s OK for DeBerry to lead postgame prayers as long as they do not promote a particular religion. ‘What we do when we wear this uniform is we respect and defend the Constitution that says you have the right to believe in the First Amendment,’ said Rosa. DeBerry, 66, is a Christian, but said that he doesn’t force religion on players. He said the team prays to a ‘Master Coach.’” (The Gazette of Colorado Springs. 2/26/05.)


Attorney as Christian Bigot

“Most of the country is aware by now of the five Christians in Philadelphia who were charged with numerous ‘felonies,’ while peacefully demonstrating (against a homosexual event) in the ‘city of brotherly love.’ District Attorney Charles Ehrlich charged the defendants were ‘hateful’ and proclaimed that preaching the Bible is tantamount to ‘fighting words.’ It’s unfortunate that an imbecile like Ehrlich hasn’t read Cannon v. City and County of Denver, 998. F.2d 867. (10th Cir. 1993).” (WorldNetDaily. Devvy Kidd. “Imbeciles Who Serve in Public Office.” 2/18/05.)


Hate-Free Speech Zone?

“Christians in Placerville, California, who are against those who engage in sodomy have been making their presence known the past few weeks with very large truck signs. One of their signs read: ‘Homosexuality is sin.’ Mike Kobus, a Placerville business owner told the City Council, ’Signs expressing hate of a specific lifestyle are not a way to greet people.’ A sign which reads ’Homosexuality is sin’ is now considered an expression of hate? The pro-homosexual groups rallied and began their worn out chants about ‘hate speech’ and ‘violation of civil rights.’

As a result of this pressure, on 2/10/05, Placerville’s Mayor Robby Colvin brought forth a proclamation declaring Placerville a ‘hate-free zone.’ ‘This is a personal attack on our freedom of speech. We will not tolerate anti-Christian bigotry. This is an abuse of civil authority to persecute religion. You have just declared civil government to be at war with Christianity,’ said Placerville resident Luke Otterstad.” (WorldNetDaily. 2/18/05.)


Atheist vs. Boy Scouts Again!

“An atheist is appealing a court ruling that found nothing illegal about a school district’s policy of letting the Boy Scouts recruit inside schools. An attorney for John Scalise said he would ask the Michigan Supreme Court to consider an appeal in the religious discrimination case. Scalise argues the Boy Scouts discriminates against non-religious boys and parents by denying them membership if they don’t swear to religious oaths. Therefore, schools are violating the Constitution.” ( Detroit Free Press. 2/22/05.)


Pesky Baptist Uses Jesus’ Name

“Congressional chaplains typically close their invocations with a religious neutral ‘in Your name we pray.’ Guest ministers, however, are less likely to pray in a way that is considered inclusive or political correct. Recently the House session began with a prayer by a Baptist minister—Rev. Allen of Beckley, West Virginia—who concluded by saying, ‘in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.’ Some non-Christians take offense at such prayers, but many Christians feel it is a matter of obeying Jesus, who told His followers to pray in His name. Others leading public prayer clarify that they are invoking Jesus’ name only on behalf of themselves and fellow believers. The guest minister’s congressman, Democrat Nick Rahall, notes that Rev. Allen calls himself ‘a God-called, Spirit-filled preacher of God’s Word.’” (Agape Press. 2/10/05.)


Judging a Judge

“Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers is complaining about a judge who quoted the Bible in court. Last year, the Nebraska Court of Appeals vacated Judge George Thompson’s 15-to-50-year sentence of Jay Bruna, a child molester who assaulted a child on a school bus. The appellate court threw out Thompson’s pronouncement and required the convicted man to be resentenced, a decision based on the fact that Thompson had made references to the Bible before sentencing the man. Senator Chambers has filed a complaint with the Nebraska Commission on Judicial Qualifications.” (Agape Press. 2/3/05.)


The Military and the Boy Scouts

“The House voted overwhelmingly by 418—7 for a resolution urging the military to continue supporting Boy Scout jamborees and other activities. Last year, the Pentagon agreed to warn military bases against directly sponsoring Boy Scout troops. That partly settled claims the American Civil Liberties Union that the government engages in religious discrimination by supporting a group whose members must believe in God. The Pentagon says Boy Scouts can still meet on base like other civilian groups, and military personnel can take part in Scout activities on their own time. The House bills’ supporters condemned the ACLU and praised scouting for developing good citizens. A companion bill has been introduced in the Senate.” (Agape Press. 2/10/05.)


Montana Kills Hate-Crime Bill

“The Montana House recently killed a bill that would have extended the state’s hate crimes law to protect gays. The bill would have made it a crime to target people including sexual orientation. It was rejected 54-46. Republicans warned the bill would stifle free speech and could prevent clergy from speaking against homosexuality in sermons. Similar bills have failed in each of the six preceding legislative sessions.” (The Gazette. 2/25/05.)

Editor’s Note: This is a prime example of why conservatives need to maintain a majority in political positions and offices. If liberals were in control, what are the possibilities that this bill would have been passed?


Homosexual Guilt & Reverse Persecution

“A Dallas-area church called New Wine Fellowship focuses much of its outreach effort on a predominantly homosexual area of town. Every weekend, members of the congregation hit the streets in a ministry known as ’Soul Patrol.’ New Wine associate pastor, Jacob Watson, says, ‘They’re hostile. You know, we’ll just be preaching the gospel, just mentioning sin in general and homosexuals will come up and confront me, challenging me with statements like, “Well, you’re telling me because I’m a homosexual I’m going to hell?” According to Watson, this generally happens when he has not even mentioned homosexuality by name.” (Agape Press. 2/9/05.)


Will Atheism and Free Thinkers Rule the World?

It is my hope that you find the following news article interesting that was taken from The Washington Times and written by Uwe Siemon-Netto—the United Press International Religious Affairs Editor–on March 1, 2005:

“There seems to be a growing consensus around the globe that godlessness is in trouble. ‘Atheism as a theoretical position is in decline worldwide,’ Munich theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg told UPI recently. His Oxford colleague Alister McGrath agrees. Atheism’s ‘future seems increasingly to lie in the private beliefs of individuals rather than in the great public domain it once regarded as its habitat,’ he wrote in Christianity Today magazine.

Two developments are plaguing atheism these days. One is that is appears to be losing its scientific underpinnings. The other is the historical experience of hundreds of millions of people worldwide that atheists are in no position to claim the moral high ground. Writes Turkish philosopher Harun Yahya, ‘Atheism, which people have tried for hundreds of years as “the ways of reason and science,” is proving to be mere irrationality and ignorance.’

As British philosopher Anthony Flew, once as hard-nosed a humanist as any, mused when turning his back on his former belief: “It is, for example, impossible for evolution to account for the fact that one single cell can carry more data than all the volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannia put together.” Flew still does not accept the God of the Bible. But he has embraced the Intelligent Design concept of scholars such as William Dembski who only four years ago claimed to have been mobbed by pro-evolutionist colleagues at—of all places– Baylor University, a highly respected Southern Baptist institution in Waco, Texas.

The stunning desertion of a former intellectual ambassador of secular humanism to the belief in some form of intelligence behind the design of the universe makes Yahya’s prediction sound probable: ‘The time is fast approaching when many people who are living in ignorance with no knowledge of their Creator will be graced by faith in the impending post-atheist world.’

A few years ago, European scientists were snickering when studies in the United States—for example, at Harvard and Duke universities—showed a correlation between faith, prayer and recovery from illness. Now 1,200 studies at research centers around the world have come to similar conclusions, according to a German psychological journal.

Atheism’s other Achilles heel are the acts of inhumanity and lunacy committed in its name. As McGrath relates in a Christian magazine: ‘With time atheism turned out to have just as many frauds, psychopaths, and careerists as religion does...with Stalin and Madalyn Murray O’Hair, atheism seems to have ended up mimicking the vices of the Spanish Inquisition and the worst televangelists, respectively.’

John Updike’s observation, ‘Among the repulsions of atheism for me has been its drastic uninterestingness as an intellectual position,’ appears to become common currency throughout much of the West. The Rev. Paul M. Zulehner, dean of Vienna University’s divinity school and one of the world’s most distinguished sociologists of religion, told UPI recently: ‘True atheists in Europe have become an infinitesimally small group. There are not enough of them to be used for sociological research.’ Does that mean there is a revival of Christianity? Zulehner cautions that, ‘What we are observing is not a re-Christianization but a re-paganization.’

Rev. Gerald McDermott, an Episcopal priest and professor of religion and philosophy at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, says that, ‘In the United States, the rise of all sorts of paganism is creating a false spirituality that proves to be a more dangerous rival to the Christian faith than atheism.’ And yet, Zulehner says, ‘In the end, atheism will come in at the tail end of world philosophies or beliefs.’”


Colorado ’s Highest Court Shows Anti-Religious Bias

“Forgive me for sounding negative but I am beginning to distrust the judicial system. Our legal institutions have mutated into a secular juggernaut that is running roughshod over the religious heritage of our nation. This was made apparent to me when Colorado’s highest court upheld a lower court’s decision to throw out the sentence of a man who was given the death penalty because members of the jury consulted the Bible while considering their verdict.

Ten years ago Robert Harlan was found guilty of raping and murdering a cocktail waitress near Denver, Colorado. A jury subsequently sentenced him to death; but afterward, defense lawyers learned that, during the deliberations, five jurors had looked up Bible verses, including allusions to punishment meted out “eye for eye, tooth for tooth.” The jurors had copied out the biblical passages and discussed them while deliberating behind closed doors.

The defense attorneys later argued before the state Supreme Court that, by consulting the Bible, the jurors had improperly gone outside the law to reach their verdict. The jury had supposedly been instructed to consider only evidence presented in court. The Bible, the court said, constituted an improper outside influence and a reliance on what the court called a “higher authority.” I thought we were still “One Nation Under God” as our national motto proclaims. I was taught that our Founding Fathers, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, acknowledged that our rights come from our Creator who is our Higher Power. How far we have fallen!

So, with a 3-2 vote, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of the defense, deciding that the reading of the Bible passages could influence a typical juror to vote for the death penalty. The justices threw out Harlan’s capital sentence and ordered the convicted murderer to serve life without parole. And yet, there are statements from the media and questions that perturb me. For instance, after Harlan’s conviction, the judge in the case sent the jury off to deliberate with an instruction to “think beyond the narrow confines of the law.” Does that very statement not give a person permission to find outside sources for their deliberation? Each juror, the judge told the panel, must make an “individual moral assessment,” in deciding whether Harlan should live or die. Is it not possible that for some of the jurors, a “moral assessment” could not be made apart from an outside source they are familiar with—that is, the Holy Bible?

The minority opinion of the two judges agreed that the jurors consulted their Bibles, not to look for facts or alternative legal interpretations, but for wisdom. “The biblical passages the jurors discussed constituted either a part of the jurors’ moral and religious precepts or their general knowledge and thus were relevant to their court-sanctioned moral assessment,” the minority wrote. I agree with the dissenting judges. On top of this, legal experts said Colorado is unusual in its language requiring jurors in capital felony cases to “explicitly consult a moral compass.” It would appear that the majority opinion of Colorado’s Supreme Court failed to read and rightly interpret our own Colorado laws and procedures. For many, their “moral compass” would be the Bible.

What’s even more interesting is that the prosecutor in the Harlan case, Bob Grant, said that “the Bible is hardly monolithic about what constitutes justice.” Some legal experts say the jurors might just as easily have found guidance that led them to vote for sparing Harlan’s life as for ending it. Also, the frosting on the cake to me is that Harlan’s defense attorneys also specifically urged the jurors to consider biblical wisdom, according to the Supreme Court’s decision, with a request that they find mercy in their hearts “as God ultimately took mercy on Abraham.” Governor Owens said the ruling was “demeaning to people of faith and prevents justice from being served.” I agree with the governor. (The Gazette. 3/29/05.)

Universities Ignoring God

“In its critique of the best U.S. colleges, the Princeton Review suggested schools where students ‘ignore God on a regular basis’ uphold the implied virtue of ‘diversity’ better than institutions where they ‘pray on a regular basis.’ The publication’s only promo for its book for prospective students, ‘The Best 357 Colleges,’ features a chart with four different issues dealing with—race relations, diverse student population, homosexuality and religious attitudes—for the purpose of evaluating whether a school is a ‘Diversity University’ or a ‘Monochromatic Institute.’ The introduction to the chart says: ‘How do you know that you’ll be comfortable—and that others will be comfortable with you—at your chosen college? We dish the dirt about demographic backgrounds, lifestyle attitudes and religion.’” (WorldNetDaily. 3/25/05.)


Teens vs. Creation or Evolution

“ America’s public schools may be teaching evolution, but a significant number of teenagers aren’t buying it, and an overwhelming majority of them believe that God one way or another was involved in the creation of humanity, according to a recent Gallup poll. The survey of 1,028 teenagers ages 13-17 found that only 18% believe that evolution took place without God playing a role. Secularist evolution—that is, the idea that the universe was created naturally and apart from God—is a ‘minority position’ among not only teens but also adults, according to Mark Hartwig, a social research analyst for Focus on the Family. Evolution, he noted, has been advocated for years in school textbooks, school classrooms and even in various TV specials—such as the PBS documentary ‘Evolution.’ ‘And Americans are still saying, “No, I don’t believe it,”’ Hartwig said.

Adults actually are somewhat more likely not to believe in evolution. In a Gallup poll of adults last November, 45% said they believed in creationism while 38% believed that God guided the process of evolution. Only 13% of adults said they believed that evolution occurred without God’s guidance. A CBS News poll in November found an even larger percentage of adults disagreeing with evolution. In that poll, 55% of adults believed that God created humans in their present form. 65% of adults favored schools offering creationism as well. ” (BP News. 3/9/05.)


Australia ’s Christophobia

“In what’s perceived as a case of political correctness trumping history and everyday usage, students in Australia are now seeing the calendar term B.C.—which stands for ’Before Christ’ - being replaced with BCE, meaning ’Before Common Era.’ The change by the Department of Education was first noticed during a recent English Language and Literacy Assessment test, as 157,000 students in New South Wales were presented with the new term. ‘This is a case of history being rewritten and abandonment of the use of a calendar which has been around for centuries on the basis that the term might offend someone,’ said Shadow Education Minister Jillian Skinner. The headline in the Sydney Daily Telegraph declares: ‘Mad bureaucrats censor Jesus Christ.’” (WorldNetDaily. 3/3/05.)


IMAX Film Controversy

“The fight over evolution has reached the big, big screen. A number of IMAX theaters, including some in science museums, are refusing to exhibit movies that mention the subject—or the big bang or geology—fearing protests from people who object to films that contradict biblical descriptions of the origin of Earth and its creatures. People who follow trends at commercial and institutional IMAX theaters say that in recent years religious controversy has adversely affected the distribution of a number of films, including ‘Cosmic Voyage.’ Also, 137 people participated in the a survey of the movie ‘Volcanoes’ which reported that ‘some people said it was blasphemous.’ Officials at many IMAX theaters said they decided against the film for fear of offending religious sensibilities. ‘We have definitely a lot more creation public than evolution public,’ said Lisa Buzzelli, who directs the Charleston IMAX Theater in South Carolina.” (The Gazette. 3/19/05.)


Easter Bunny Removed

“The Easter bunny hopped into the crosshairs of the PC (politically correct) police this season. Mall officials at Town Center in Boca Raton, Florida, admitted to caving in to concern over what could perceived as religious promotion of Christianity and the resurrection of Jesus.” (WorldNetDaily. 3/12/05.)


University of Colorado Chaos

“A professor, who is a Christian, at the University of Colorado is speaking out after allegedly being fired for his political and religious conservatism. Controversial CU professor Ward Churchill may still have his teaching job, but CU history professor Phil Mitchell will not. Mitchell was recently told his contract would not be renewed after this school year because his teaching did not meet department standards and because he was proselytizing students in the classroom. According to Mitchell, a CU administrator was offended that he had students read Charles Sheldon’s book In His Steps. Mitchell makes no apologies for using the Christian book.” (Agape Press. 3/11/05.)


An Atheist Wins Scout Case

“The state Court of Appeals ruled recently there is ‘substantial evidence’ that the Portland School District illegally discriminated against an atheist student by allowing in-school recruiting by the Boy Scouts. The 6-3 decision is the latest development in a long-running battle by an atheist mother, Nancy Powell, to prevent the Boy Scouts from recruiting in Portland schools because the organization requires a belief in God. The school district is now considering adopting a policy that would ban Scouts from recruiting during school hours.” (The 3/3/05.)

Editor’s Note: What just one person with an agenda can do to change the system. Too bad this one person is an atheist. Also, too bad we have an activist judicial system helping to confirm secularism. More is on the way!


Teacher Loses Lawsuit

“In Arkansas, a school teacher who sued his district over prayers has now lost his lawsuit. A federal court jury in Little Rock has ruled that a former art teacher failed to prove he was fired by an Arkansas school district for complaining about religious discrimination and Christian prayers in public school. During the trial, Judge Susan Webber Wright held the Devalls Bluff District in contempt for allowing Christian prayers at a May 2004 graduation service.” (Agape Press. 3/7/05.)


Abstinence Website Fight

“Religious references are only a mouse click away for visitors to the Louisiana governor’s Website promoting sexual abstinence; whether that is an unconstitutional government endorsement of religious was debated recently before a federal judge. The ACLU argued that the Gov.’s Program on Abstinence, despite an earlier agreement with the ACLU to stop promoting religion, is in contempt of court because of the online religious content.

The state contended that the religious references do not constitute an excessive entanglement between government and religion—a standard by which federal courts judge compliance with the Establishment Clause of the Constitution forbidding government endorsement of religion. Caroline Corbin, arguing for the ACLU, said that ‘If the government teaches abstinence, it must teach it in a secular way.’ Several of the links on the site lead to other sites that openly promote such religious concepts as prayer and repentance. Corbin challenged the state’s claim that such materials on these links is not a violation.” ( Tuscaloosa News. 3/24/05.)


The Big Ten in Indiana

“A federal appeals court has upheld a display of the Ten Commandments as part of a historical exhibit in one Indiana government building. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that officials in Elkhart, Indiana, did not violate the establishment clause of the Constitution by displaying biblical laws in the County Administration Building.” (Agape Press. 3/29/05.)


Liberal College Faculty & Religious Prejudice

“College faculties, long assumed to be liberal bastions, lean further to the left than many conservatives might have imagined, a study says. By their own description, 72% of those teaching at U.S. universities and colleges are liberal and 15% are conservative, says the study being published this week. The imbalance is almost as striking in partisan terms, with 50% of the faculty members surveyed identifying themselves as Democrats and 11% as Republicans. The disparity is even more pronounced at the most elite schools, where, according to the study, 87% of the faculty members are liberal and 13% are conservative.

Religious services take a back seat for many faculty members with 51% saying they rarely or never attend church or a religious institution and 31% calling themselves regular church attenders. These findings come from Lichter and fellow political science professors Stanley Rothman of Smith College and Neil Nevitte of the University of Toronto and are based on a survey of 1,643 faculty at 183 four-year schools. Rothman sees the findings as evidence of ‘possible discrimination’ against conservatives in hiring and promotion.” (The Gazette. 3/30/05.)


The Big Ten in Mississippi

“ Mississippi’s state Senate has voted to allow the Ten Commandments, the national motto ‘In God We Trust,’ and excerpts from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to be posted in all public buildings. A few senators argued against the bill, saying it would violate the separation of church and state and that Muslims and other non-Christians could be offended. But Republican State Senator Gary Jackson, who is also a Baptist minister, said the Ten Commandments are part of America’s history and legal heritage, unlike the Quran. A companion bill is pending in Mississippi’s House.” (Agape Press. 3/31/05.)


Citizens Want the Cross in San Diego

“Residents of the populous California city of San Diego are unhappy with a city council decision to remove a historic cross and are rallying behind a grassroots movement to keep the war memorial. This cross is located on the site of the war memorial atop Mt. Soledad in La Jolla. By a 5-3 vote, the council agreed with the newly installed city attorney, Mike Aguirre, that the cross, which is located on city grounds, should come down. Local talk radio apparently has contributed to the success of the grassroots effort. If organizers cannot persuade any of the five council members who voted to remove the cross to change their position, a special election will most likely take place.” (Agape Press. 4/1/05.)


Air Force Insensitivities?

“Responding to complaints of religious bias, the Air Force Academy recently kicked off a long-awaited sensitivity program designed to instill respect for religious diversity among cadets and staff. About 40 faculty and staff members gathered in Fairchild Hall to hear a 50-minute presentation that featured movie clips and outlines of Defense Department policies to emphasize that academy personnel cannot push religious beliefs on one another or cadets.

The training, a year in the making, stems from claims that the academy fosters an atmosphere that favors Christianity. Some cadets and faculty members have reported religious slurs against those of other religions, insensitivity to certain religions’ observances, and Christian proselytizing. Chaplain Capt. Melinda Morton, who led the training, said it is about respecting everyone’s right to believe as they choose. That’s essential in an environment dominated by power hierarchies, she said, because cadets can perceive they’d score points by adopting an instructor’s or military leader’s religious beliefs.” (The Gazette. 3/30/05.)

Editor’s Note: I wish these whiny trainees and ivory-tower faculty would go to Iraq,

Iran, or Saudi Arabia for a long stint, and then come back to the academy and see if they still whine about the those Air Force Christians!


Scalping the Scouts

“The Boy Scouts of America is pulling the charters of thousands of scouting units from public schools in an effort to spare them from lawsuits threatened by the ACLU. In a letter sent to the BSA recently, the ACLU vowed to take legal action against public schools and other taxpayer-funded governmental agencies that charter Scout groups, claiming their sponsorship amounts to religious discrimination and violates the separation of church and state.

The American Civil Liberties Union specifically takes issue with the Scouts’ pledge of allegiance to God and country and the organization’s prohibition of homosexuals as scout masters. BSA national spokesman Gregg Shields told the Baptist Press that their organization was pulling its charters from schools ‘as a matter of stewardship.’ Mr. Shields hopes churches and other community-based groups will make up for the lost charters, estimated to be in the thousands. The BSA has been in the crosshairs of the ACLU for 25 years and they have sued the BSA 14 times on similar grounds.” (WorldNetDaily. 3/11/05.)


Prisoners Can’t Have Bible?

“ California prison officials have been sued for stopping the delivery of Bible study material to inmates. Pacific Justice Institute filed suit in federal district court against officials who it says have denied prison ministries the right to send, and inmates the right to receive, Bible-related materials. The law group says for years ministries have been able to send religious literature to inmates at a state prison in Corcoran, Calif., free of charge but policy has since changed.” (WorldNetDaily. 3/10/05.)


Michigan City Can’t Pray?

“Officials in Troy, Michigan have denied a group of Christians a permit to meet for National Day of Prayer observances—and may face legal action as a result. Troy city officials said this year’s planned meeting was strongly challenged by the Jewish, Muslim, and Indian community. Legal action is being sought.”(Agape Press. 3/21/05.)


Filibustering, Focus on the Family & a Fuming Foe

“On April 26, 2005, I saw a report on Channel 11 TV News (CBS) by Jeff Marcou concerning the flap between Senator Ken Salazar and Focus on the Family. What’s the main issue? Dr. Dobson is concerned what Salazar said during his campaign speech that he’d vote up or down on judicial nominees but now he is waffling on the filibuster. Dr. Dobson prepared ads (for radio and print) that held Sen. Salazar accountable for his election promises.

In a very calculated and pointed way, Ken Salazar said on this news report: “From my point of view, they (Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family) are the anti-christ of the world.” Come on!...I mean, how dumb is that?! Finally, on April 28, he offered a lame apology for “that particular wording” but still said he believed that Dobson’s “actions were unchristian.” Throughout this whole media blitz, Dobson’s radio ads and printed ads say nothing about one’s faith but point out that Sen. Ken Salazar is reneging on a key campaign promise. This whole confrontation is not about Salazar’s religion (or lack of it); it’s about his liberal, lock-step, compromising politics! So, instead of dealing with the real issue, Senator Salazar says that Dr. Dobson is “unchristian” and that Focus on the Family is the “anti-christ of the world.”

Let’s see if I can come up with some political statements that would be similar to Senator Salazar: 1) Professor Ward Church is the pro-American teacher of our state, 2) Barney Frank is the pro-heterosexual of Congress, or 3) Senator Ted Kennedy is the pro-Republican of the Senate. Do these statements sound like a Brain Synapses Disorder? BINGO!! To label an evangelical organization as the “anti-christ” after it has stood for conservative, biblical values, evangelism and the principles of Jesus Christ for three decades shows you the mental processes (or lack of them) that this person is actively displaying.

Syndicated columnist Mike Rosen said this about the radio warnings from Focus: “The ads say nothing about Salazar’s religious beliefs. They accurately relate his current position as compared to his campaign promise and they urge constituents to call him and express their disapproval. I’ve also read Salazar’s standard e-mail response to this constituents. It’s unresponsive, platitudinous, political doubletalk.” (The Gazette. Mike Rosen, syndicated columnist. 4/29/05.)

After Dr. Dobson’s ads began to run, the response from Senator Salazar began. On April 20, Scripps Howard News Service reported Salazar saying: “I think what has happened

is Focus on the Family has been hijacking Christianity and become an appendage of the Republican Party. I think it’s using Christianity and religion in a very unprincipled way.” On April 24 th in Colorado Spring’s Gazette, the Editorial Staff had this to say about Salazar’s shifting position: “Apparently,

the education of Ken Salazar has also included lessons in the importance of maintaining party discipline and the art of deflecting criticism and muddying the waters by impugning the motives of your critics and changing the subject.”

On April 28 th in the Gazette, political cartoonist, Chuck Asay, displayed a four-frame cartoon of this whole situation. Describing a cartoon never does it justice but I must relay the content to you: 1) First, we see a cartoon of Salazar as Humpty Dumpty and the words: “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall!” (A picture of Ken Salazar holding a sign that says, “Vote for Moderate Ken Salazar for Senate.”) 2) “Humpty Dumpty made a great call!” (Salazar says: “I think the Senate should vote up or down on judicial nominees!” 3) But after elected, he changed his position (Salazar holding a sign that says “Filibuster!” and him saying: “April Fools!”), 4) “And if we complain now, he says we’re ‘Unchristian!”’ (The final frame shows Democrats/donkeys holding signs that say, “Dobson Shut Up!, Separation of Church and State, and Down with Theocracy.” I think this cartoon totally sums it up!


Colorado Conservative Criticism?

“A group of conservative Colorado House Republicans has formed a caucus to promote such principles as lower taxes, personal responsibility and limited government. ‘We’re tired of being looked

at as “right-wing fanatics,”’ said Rep. David Schultheis of Colorado Springs, chairman of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado. The caucus, modeled after the powerful Republican Study Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, aims the help Republicans in state government focus on conservative principles, he said. Among its priorities will be Western conservation and legislative integrity. Rep. Alice Borodkin, D-Denver, said she plans to revive her pro-choice House caucus, the Reproductive Freedom Caucus, to counter the influence of the GOP caucus. She called organizers of the Study Committee of Colorado ‘a dangerous crew and I consider them the principle actors in a religious-right movement to Christianize everything and impose their moral values on us.’” (The Gazette. 4/12/05.)

Editor’s Note: Rep. Borodkin, who is so typical of most liberals, presents her ideological hypocrisy. It’s so ironic that Alice doesn’t see that she is trying to “secularize” everything as well as “imposing” her amoral and immoral and liberal agenda on the rest of us. I’d say the Left is the “dangerous crew!”


Advocacy Against the Air Force

“Two national organizations are expressing concern about claims of religious intolerance at the

Air Force Academy . The Anti-Defamation League’s Denver office issued a statement recently and Americans United Against the Separation of Church and State, an advocacy organization, plans to send a letter to the academy detailing accusations of religious bias and ‘demanding a response’ within thirty days.” (The Gazette. Colorado Springs, CO. Pam Zubeck, reporter. 4/22/05.)

Editor’s Note : I believe that this particular reporter is going for a record number of articles being written against the Air Force Academy and their alleged “religious bias.” It’s interesting that in past articles she refers to certain conservative, religious groups or leaders as “right-wing” or “ultra-conservative” but doesn’t label the above groups as liberal or leftist. My goodness, this supposed “religious liberty” group known as Americans United, led by “Rev.” Barry Lynn, seems to be competing for the most vicious, anti-Christian, liberal group in the nation—not excluding the ACLU! Of course, these liberal, anti-Christ groups will try to foment division and fear within the public square. It amuses me that Americans United “demands” any kind of response. Take a hike!


Prayer is Immoral?!

“The American Civil Liberties Union (better known as the Anti-Christian Litigation Union—my comments) wants a federal judge to punish public school officials for a prayer that was recited recently before a high school baseball game. ACLU of Louisiana executive director Joe Cook says it was ‘un-American and immoral’ to allow an adult to pray over Loranger High School’s public address system. Cook says members of the school board should be fined or jailed for failing to stop it.” (Agape Press. 4/6/05.)

Editor’s Note: If this isn’t a classical case of Orwellian doublespeak! Up is now is really cold...the sky is green...blah, blah, blah! How far we have permitted this fine nation to fall! When prayer offered in a school is considered “un-American,” and “immoral,” I pray the common American will consider the source. The ACLU has become so “immoral” and “un-American” in their court cases, that they really should change their name—they are not American, they are not civil, they do not stand for true liberty, but they are a “union” of deceived and dangerous attorneys that promote a socialist, anti-Christian agenda!


Excising God from Pledge

“A middle school counselor’s politically correct version of the Pledge of Allegiance has caused

a stir among students and outrage among parents in a Colorado school district. The controversy arose when eighth-grade employee, Margo Lucero filled in for the absent principal of Everitt Middle School in Wheat Ridge. Among other duties, when Lucero came to recite the Pledge over the public address system, she came to the part that usually states ‘one nation under God,’ and she replaced the traditional words with ‘one nation under your belief system.’ Rick Kaufman, a spokesman for Jefferson County Public Schools, says the school counselor’s actions were unacceptable and, ‘regardless of her intent, it was inappropriate.’” (Agape Press. 4/27/05.)


Christians Denied Prayer Day

“The Michigan city of Troy faces a possible civil-rights lawsuit for denying a permit to a Christian group that wants to celebrate the National Day of Prayer with a meeting in front of city hall. The Troy National Day of Prayer Christian Task Force says it has gathered at Troy City Hall in Veteran’s Plaza for each of the past 10 years for the national commemoration, held this year on May 5th.

City officials rejected the permit request a month ago then reversed course, deciding to also give a permit to the Troy Interfaith Group, a liberal organization that says it represents six religions. The council reportedly decided to accommodate the interfaith group because some citizens were unhappy the annual gathering would be restricted to Christians. But the interfaith group later backed out, prompting the city to withdraw the Christian Task Force’s permit.

In response, the American Family Association’s Center for Law & Policy faxed a formal letter informing city officials they will face a federal civil rights lawsuit if they continue to unconstitutionally deny the permit. Veterans Plaza is a traditional public forum for speech and religious, ‘free speech’ is being denied.” (WorldNetDaily. 4/16/05.)


Jews for Christians

“A longtime columnist and author has birthed a new organization made up of Jews who are committed to battling anti-Christian bias and discrimination in the culture. Don Feder, a Boston Herald writer and syndicated columnist for 19 years, is president of the newly formed Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation (JAACD). Feder said for years he has written about incidents of anti-Christian discrimination in the public square—from the prohibition of creches on public land to the silencing prayer in the nation’s schools. ‘When I consider an epidemic of anti-Christian bigotry and persecution is something that has concerned me for a long time,’ Feder told WND, noting that in 1996 he wrote a book entitled Who’s Afraid of the Religious Right? which covers what he sees as the left’s attack on traditional Christians. ‘The fate of America hinges on whether or not Christians—I mean authentic Christians—succeed in the political arena,’ said Feder. So far, the group consists of Mona Charen, Barry Farber, Rabbi Joshua Haberman, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Rabbi Daniel Lapin (Toward Tradition), Rabbi Jacob Neusner, David Horowitz, Michael Medved (movie critic), Morton Klein, Herb London, and Bruce Herschensohn (Pepperdine University).”

(WorldNetDaily. 4/27/05.)


ACLU & Board Prayers

“A federal court is being asked to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against a Delaware school board vice president, Reginald Helms, and his colleagues on the Indian River School District Board of Education. The board members were targeted in the suit because they were opening monthly board meetings with prayer.The ACLU filed suit in February 2005 against Helms and the entire Indian River School Board in their personal and professional capacities, alleging the district’s practice of opening the school board meetings with a pray is unconstitutional The Rutherford Institute filed a motion in response, asking the court to dismiss the case. The decision is pending.” (Agape Press. 4/13/05.)


ACLU & Public Address System

“A Louisiana pro-family advocate says the ACLU is doing everything in its power to intimidate anyone who dares to pray. Now the ACLU is asking a judge to throw some Louisiana school board members in jail because someone said a prayer over the public address system before a high school baseball game. Gene Mills, president of the Louisiana Family Forum, says the current ban on all prayers in school settings is the ACLU’s heavy-handed tactics that are just meant to intimidate and bully the school board away from its policy of allowing the public to speak.’” (Agape Press. 4/1/05.)


ACLU & Student Prayers

“ Arkansas lawmakers are considering legislation that would prohibit school officials from interfering with prayers that are initiated and led by students. A sponsor of the bill, which was approved by a House committee, says students should feel free to pray at baccalaureate ceremonies and other events. Rita Sklar, who heads the Arkansas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, warned that the bill could be struck down by the courts for violating the separation of church and state. A lawmaker responded that the ACLU seems uninterested in protecting religious liberty.”(Agape Press. 4/8/05.)


ACLU & Bible Bias

“Although the ACLU has declared the practice unconstitutional, the Bible is being used as a textbook in classes taught in 300 school districts nationwide, according to a curriculum provider. About 1,000 high schools in 35 states are using material produced by the North Carolina-based National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools (NCBCPS) in classes during regular school hours. The organization says that while the ACLU is ‘up in arms’ about it, there have been no complaints from administrators, teachers, students or parents. NCBCPS says 93% of all the school boards it has approached to implement the curriculum have accepted it.” (WorldNetDaily. 4/21/05.)


ACLU & the Cross

“A federal judge in Riverside, California, has issued orders for the destruction of the solitary Roman cross at the Mojave Desert World War I Veterans Memorial. The court ruled in favor of the ACLU to nullify an act of Congress last year sponsored by Congressman Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., which authorized a land exchange which would place the cross site on private land and in private hands in a land exchange.

The ACLU contended the land exchange was a ‘sham’ to evade the court’s injunctive order to destroy the cross, first issued in 2002. The court has so found, and significantly, ordered the legislative branch—Congress—not to carry out the land exchange, and ordered the executive branch to destroy the cross at the veterans memorial. Veterans in the 2.7-million member American Legion have vowed to fight against the destruction of the veterans memorial, and stand up to the ACLU. Although there had never been a complaint about the veterans memorial cross in more than 70 years, the ACLU seized the opportunity to file a federal suit to destroy it as a violation of the Establishment Clause—and to seek attorney fees under the Civil Rights Act. Indeed, the ACLU is now so fanatic and loosed from common sense that it has become the Taliban of liberal secularism.”(WorldNetDaily. Rees Lloyd, editorial. “Judicial Voodoo vs. The Cross.” 4/15/05.)


Anti-Christian Editorialist

“I hope and believe that, by identifying itself with ‘faith’ in general and the Ten Commandments in particular, a runaway element in the Republican leadership has made a career-ending mistake. I am warning them today: I will fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of ‘conservatism.’ I am neither a Republican nor a Christian and I don’t propose that there is a mythical Nazarene. The need of the hour is for some senior members of the party of Lincoln to disown and condemn the creeping and creepy movement to impose Christian orthodoxy on a free and pluralist and secular Republic.” (Christopher Hitchens. Columnist for Vanity Fair. The Wall Street Journal. 5/5/05. “Why I’m Rooting Against the Religious Right.”)

Editor’s Note: Have you ever heard this man on talk radio or TV? He’s a raving lunatic for atheism and secularism...and he’s spreading his hostility through the power of the pen.


Atheists Discuss Strategy

“Attendees of the ‘All Atheists Weekend’ gathered in San Francisco recently to discuss what they call ‘the rise of Christian fundamentalism in the United States. The Religious Right’s increasing involvement in U.S. politics has triggered an angry backlash among the godless, say Bay area atheist groups.

‘It’s time for us to push back,’ said psychologist Jaime Arcila. ‘We don’t hate Christians,’ said David Fitzgerald, an insurance broker. Nonetheless, during a showing of a documentary movie, they crowd booed and hissed when a photo of Pat Robertson was displayed on the screen. Fitzgerald offered no apologies. ‘Robertson and other Theocrats scare the hell out of us,’ Fitzgerald said. ‘They want to turn a democracy into a theocracy.’” (The Bakersfield Californian. 5/22/05.)

Editor’s Note: The atheists and “Free Thinkers” in this country want to turn our nation into a godless, secular society. Bible-believing Christians do not believe in the possibility of a “theocracy” (or total rule by God) until Jesus Christ comes again to set up His Kingdom on earth. What believers want is a return to Christian principles, values, morals and ideals that founded this country and has made us the envy of the world. The atheists don’t want to just “push back,” they want to totally eliminate any vestige of Christianity within this country. THAT is their agenda!


Faith-War Rages in America

“Just days after a bitterly divided Senate committee voted along party lines to approve her nomination as a federal appellate court judge, California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown told an audience recently that people of faith were embroiled in a ‘war’ against secular humanists who threatened to divorce America from its religious roots, according to a newspaper account of the speech.Brown’s remarks come as a partisan battle over judges has evolved into a national debate over the proper mix of God and government. Her comments to a gathering of Roman Catholic legal professionals in Darien, Connecticut, came on the same day as ‘Justice Sunday,: Stop the Filibuster Against People of Faith,’ a program produced by evangelical leaders and simulcast on the Internet and in homes and churches around the country.” ( Los Angeles Times. 4/26/05.)


Christian-Bashing Continues!

“If I didn’t know better, I would think liberal politicians and columnists were out to prove the thesis of my book Persecution—that there truly is a war being waged against Christianity and Christians in the United States. What are these people so exercised about? Why must they insist on demonizing Christians? Why do they seem to think that only Christians must keep their views to themselves once they are elected to office? This idea that Christians must keep their views to themselves, and that politicians must keep their Christian worldview in a lockbox has caught on even among many Christians. But a Christian inhibits his Christian walk if he places his religion on just one ‘shelf’ of his life. What the secular Left wants to do is marginalize Christian conservatives by suggesting they are hell-bent on reserving religious liberty (and presumably other types of freedom) only for themselves.” (David Limbaugh. WorldNetDaily. 4/29/05.)


Professor Belittles Believers

“A Brooklyn College professor who described religious people as ‘moral retards’ said he is dropping his bid to become chairman of the department of sociology after the college’s president expressed outrage over his views. Timothy Shortell, an associate professor in the sociology department at the CUNY senior college, sent a bitter e-mail recently to several departmental heads saying he had decided to step down as chairman-elect and claiming he was a victim of a political attack against his academic freedom.

Critics of Mr. Shortell’s appointment, including at least one CUNY trustee, opposed giving a leadership role to a professor who has used inflammatory language to describe religious people, fearing he would be incapable of fair treatment of people of faith in his department. The controversy surrounding Mr. Shortell involves an essay he published in 2001 in the online journal Fifteen Credibility Street, in which he presented the following:

‘On a personal level, religiosity is merely annoying—like a bad taste. This immaturity represents a significant social problem, however, because religious adherents fail to recognize their limitations. So, in the name of their faith, these moral retards are running around pointing fingers and doing real harm to others. They discriminate, exclude, and belittle. They make a virtue of closed-mindedness and virulent ignorance. They are an ugly, violent lot.’” (The New York Sun. 6/8/05.)

Editor’s Note: Too bad that Colorado University doesn’t have the integrity and guts to do the same thing with Professor Ward Churchill—demote him and fire him. And, too bad that Mr. Churchill doesn’t have the same integrity to at least step down.


Canadian Hospital Bans Bible

“If you’re scheduled for surgery in New Brunswick, Canada, bring your own Bible if you need a source of comfort—one hospital has removed copies of the Good Book from patients’ bedside tables in order to control infection. ‘We have disinfection processes to disinfect other surfaces, but we don’t have anything to disinfect books,’ Jane Stafford, a spokeswoman for the River Valley Health Authority, which operates the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital. One pastor said, ‘Is it possible for these germs to also reside and live on lampshades, curtains, walls? Where does it stop?’” (WorldNetDaily. 4/23/05.)


Escalating Culture War

“Joan Bokaer of a social action center called was speaking at a recent conference that denounced Christian Republicans on matters like abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, broadcast indecency, faith-based charities, pro-Israelism and church-state relations. The book table sold assorted Bush-bashing titles. It was an academic conference at the City University of New York on ‘the real agenda of the religious far right’ - and it offered a fresh example of just how venomous America’s conservative-liberal religious split has become and how entangled faith is with politics. One speaker even described the Rev. Billy Graham as a ‘theocrat’ because he wants more Christians involved in public life.

No speaker representing religious conservatives was invited to offer a rebuttal. Nor did conferees clarify what religious lobbying is proper or improper. Responding to the meeting, conservatives said their political activism merely expresses their rights as citizens to advocate, vote and participate in government—the same rights liberals and secularists exercise.” ( Richard Ostling. “Religion Today.” 5/5/05.)


Dobson’s Devilish Delusions?

“The American left hate people of faith—true faith, genuine faith. And the ones they hate most of all are evangelical Christians. And the one they hate most out of that group is Dr. James Dobson. A recent edition of the Denver Post was particularly ripe with quotes from the left as to their true feelings: ‘If one thing makes people uncomfortable, it is the manipulation of religious faith for political gain,’ said Ralph Neas, president of People for the American Way. ‘What James Dobson has been doing is tantamount to religious McCarthyism.’

Religious McCarthyism? Well you know what that means! Dr. Dobson actually might believing in such a thing as absolute truth. As a result, when he speaks about what is good for a family or an individual it comes from a place that is genuine and truly based on what is best for them. True Christians to liberals are just evangelical devils!” (WorldNetDaily. Kevin McCullough. “Dr James Dobson—Evangelical Devil.” 5/6/05.)


Christians Losing America?

“Despite decades of relentless attacks on its moral and spiritual foundations, America is still overwhelmingly a Christian nation. Or is it? With 80% of Americans describing themselves as Christians, 45% of the population attending church on any given weekend, America appears to be bursting its seams with vibrant Christianity. There’s just one problem. Although Christian comprise the vast majority of the nation’s citizens and voters, America is becoming increasingly un-Christian and even anti-Christian with every passing year—from its culture, to its laws, its public education system, its news media and most other major institutions. Whether the battlefield is abortion or ‘gay rights,’ public prayer or euthanasia, most of the fights are being won by the bad guys. Why? The church has abdicated its former influential role in the creation of American culture—the media and entertainment. Plus, only 9% of Christians have a biblical worldview.” (WorldNetDaily. 4/12/05.)


ACLU & Arresting Christian Teachers

“The American Civil Liberties Union has asked a federal judge to jail public school teachers and administrators for allegedly violating a court-imposed ban on school prayers. It’s the fourth time the ACLU has told Judge Ginger Berrigan that officials in Louisiana’s Tangipahoa Parish are flouting her prayer ban. This time, the ACLU says an elementary school teacher repeatedly held prayers in her fourth-grade class, encouraged students to bring their Bibles to school, held Bible studies in the school cafeteria and admonished students who did not show up. In addition, the ACLU cites a prayer ‘in Jesus’ name’ that was recently given over a high school’s public address system while the principal sat by silently. The ACLU says school officials’ violation of the prayer ban ‘must result in their removal from society.’” (Agape Press. 5/19/05.)


Christian Student Sues School

“A 10-year-old elementary school student filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against district officials for barring students from reading and discussing the Bible during recess. Luke Whitson and his parents, represented by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), claim Principal Cathy Summa at Karns Elementary School in the Knox County district in Tennessee violated constitutional rights by stopping a playground Bible study.

The lawsuit alleges: ‘Principal Summa abruptly interrupted certain fourth-grade students while they were in the midst of a Bible discussion during recess, demanded that they stop their activity at once, put their Bibles away and from that point forward, cease from bringing their Bibles to school.’ The lawsuit, filed in late May in U.S. District Court, asks for an injunction against the school system to prevent employees from ‘banning or threatening to ban religious expression in the form of Bible reading and discussion during recess time.’ Whitson’s parents, according to ADF, were unable to resolve the matter with the principal and contacted district officials via legal counsel.” (WorldNetDaily. 6/3/05.)


Leftist, Godless Christians?

“For several generations the religious left has been engaged in an effort to dethrone God in America. They have done this by embracing man’s wisdom and laws over God’s. Murder of the unborn and disabled is now ‘Christian compassion’ in action. Homosexuals, rather than being sinners in grave need of redemption, are the left’s pastors and role models. And other Christian believers—because they rightly cite the Bible’s positions on these issues, rather than being brothers and sisters with denominational differences—are the enemy!

I bring all this up because of an important article written by James Watt, President Reagan’s secretary of the Interior: ‘The Religious Left’s Lies’ (Washington Post. 5/21/05. P. A-19). In it, Mr. Watt describes the vicious lies the left has concocted about Christians and the environment, circulated by so-called environmentalists and—sadly—many Christians on the political left. Mr. Watt concludes with this warning:

‘Be alert. I learned this lesson two decades ago—the hard way. Never underestimate the political impact of the twisted charges by extreme environmentalists now advanced

by the religious left to divide the people of faith.’

Psalm 2 indicates the world’s efforts will ultimately e unsuccessful against God’s rule. But Mr. Watt’s warning is well-timed.”(WorldNetDaily. Craige McMillan. “Godless Christians?” 6/2/05.)


Graduation Speech Religious Discrimination

“A valedictorian at one Wisconsin high school did not have to hide her faith in Christ when it came to her recent graduation speech. When Miriam Cattanach, valedictorian of the Class of 2005 of Spencer High School, submitted her graduation speech to school officials, they said any reference to religion, God, or Jesus must go. Miriam, a committed Christian, said in her speech that Christ is the hope for the future. But when administrators censored her speech, her family contacted Liberty Counsel headquartered in Florida.

After the legal group got involved, the school changed its tune, says Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver. ‘We simply said in a letter that if they insist on censoring this religious message of her graduation speech, that it would be unconstitutional—and we would have to file suit in court,’ Staver reported.” (Agape Press. 5/27/05.)


Judge Allows Religious Symbols

“A federal court judge recently denied a request to stop Palm Bay High School’s graduation at a local church, but admonished the Brevard School District for scheduling it at a religious facility. Circuit Judge Gregory Presnell said the Palm Bay parents waited too long to file the request to have the religious symbols at Calvary Chapel in West Melbourne covered during the ceremony or to move the graduation to another site. Four schools have graduations scheduled at the church. The families have said they will proceed with a lawsuit based on the unconstitutionality of having the graduation at a religious site, which could impact next year’s graduations.” ( Florida Today. 5/18/05.)


The Right to Christian Drama

“Members of a California high school Bible club were allowed to perform an inspirational drama at their California high school after having their initial request rejected by school officials. Last month’s festival at Corning High School was open to a wide variety of artistic expression by students. But when members of the Bible Reading, Education and Devotion Club (BREAD) asked to perform a Christian drama in the festival, the school’s principal turned down their request. The Christian club’s members contacted the Pacific Justice Institute (PJA), asking the legal organization to intervene on their behalf. Attorney and PJI president Brad Dacus says, ‘We quickly moved into action and put the school district on notice that this was a clear violation of the Equal Access Act.’ After lengthy discussion and a closed session, the school board decided that prohibiting the BREAD Club presentation based on Establishment Clause concerns was unwarranted. The students were then allowed to make their presentation.” (Agape Press. 4/18/05.)


Mississippi & Public Property

“ Mississippi is among the first states in the nation to make it lawful to allow religious documents to be posted on public property. By signing the law recently, Gov. Haley Barbour gives permission to those in authority of public buildings to post The Ten Commandments, excerpts of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and

the motto ‘In God We Trust.’ Barbour signed the bill without a public ceremony.” (The Sun Herald. 4/21/05.)


Anti-Christian Inquisition!

“One pro-family leader is worried that American Christians could be facing a new form of inquisition.

Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families senses that anti-Christian feelings are on the rise among some segments of America. He says he is concerned that born-again believers could be facing tough days ahead. ’I’m concerned about the possibility of real persecution in the United States toward conservative Christians,’ Bauer states. ‘Harper’s Magazine this week has a cover story entitled “The Religious Right’s War on America.” So there’s a lot of rhetoric out there, very hateful rhetoric, aimed at traditional Christian conservatives—and that can be very dangerous.’ Many Christian leaders have expressed their worry over the increase in ‘hate speech’ aimed at Christians and the lack of public uproar over it.” (Agape Press. 5/18/05.)


Mom Prohibited To Read Bible

“A Pennsylvania school has been sued over its alleged censorship of a Christian mother and her young son. Last October, Donna Busch was invited to visit her son Wesley’s kindergarten class in Philadelphia and to take part in ‘Me Week.’ As the featured student of the week, Wesley was allowed to choose his favorite book and have his mother read an excerpt from it aloud to the class at Culbertson Elementary School. But when Wesley chose the Bible as his preferred book, his mother was barred from reading a passage from Psalm 118 because of its religion content. Principal Thomas Cook told Mrs. Busch that reading the Bible in class is against the law because it violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment—that is, the so-called ‘separation of church and state.’ According to Busch’s attorney, John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute, the Christian mom was then offered the option of reading from another book instead—one about witches, witchcraft and Halloween. However, she declined. Wesley’s teacher even told the student that it was bad to read the Bible.”(Agape Press. 5/6/05.)


Is Christianity Being Labeled as a Mental Disease?

“What is mental illness? Who defines and determines these deviations in thinking patterns? With all the variables involved, who is qualified to diagnose these ailments? What is the criterion? Is it possible that culture and even political correctness could determine what is a mental illness? Recently, I was on a talk radio program debating with the host concerning this topic. My premise was: Defining mental illness can be very subjective. For instance, certain definitions or parameters for behavior have been used by

a variety of totalitarian countries and political leaders to oppress people with certain ideas – usually religious (read Christian) ideology. And relatively recently, our own country has redefined a former mental illness and declared this psycho-social disorder “normal” and that is – homosexuality. Almost three decades later, our culture has flipflopped on this behavior whereby disagreeing with homosexuality (now labeled as homophobia) is virtually considered an emotional ailment.

Another “talking point” I presented to this radio host, that he quickly debunked and demonized, was that certain “forces” have tried, and will continue to try, to label religious beliefs as a mental illness. Historically, this is what communist Russia and China have foisted on their citizens – that is, if you believe in God, you are crazy! In some Muslim countries, if you convert to Christianity then you are deemed mentally unbalanced. Do you think I’m suffering from paranoia and delusions of persecution? “An Egyptian Christian was released on June 9, 2005, from the El-Khanka Hospital for Mental and Neurological Health in Cairo, Egypt, following international pressure over his five-month forcible commitment to this mental hospital after being charged for leaving the Islamic faith.” (Christianity Today. 6/23/05.)

Just recently in a leftist, weekly paper in Colorado Springs (The Independent) there was an article entitled “Religious Beliefs and Brain Seizures” written by a local Free Thinker (read atheist). His whole premise came from the work of Michael Persinger’s The Neuropsychological Basis of God Beliefs where he showed that religious beliefs arise from “temporal lobe abnormalities.” Persinger believes that prayer causes micro-seizures in the brain. Translation: Religion is dangerous; religious belief is a mental disorder. Do you think it could ever be cultural or politically correct to deem Christians as a mentally ill body of people? Do you think that’s being promoted right now? Consider the following quotes:

“I am violently anti-Christian…it is the most virulent spiritual poison…fundamentalists are dangerous lunatics.” (William S. Burrough. Friend of Allen Ginsberg.)

“I regard religion as a disease born of fear and as a source of untold misery to the human race.” (Bertrand Russell. Philosopher.)

“Religion is another fertile cause of insanity.” (Haslam. Annotations to Spurzheim’s Observations on Insanity.)

“Any child who believes in God is mentally ill.” (Dr. Paul Brandwien. The Social Sciences. 1970.)

“You must work until ‘religion’ is synonymous with ‘insanity.’” (Kenneth Goff. Brainwashing – A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics.)

“Religious observance is aberrant behavior…devotion and meditation are psychopathic trances.” (Jeremiah Gutman. Deprogramming: Documenting the Issue. 1977.)

“The world (should) have been spared the 2000-year sickness of Christendom.” (Charles Lam Markmann. The Noblest Cry. 1965.)

“The root of our social ills and problems is Christianity.” (Ted Turner. National Review.

p. 26. 6/8/92.)

“Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people.” (Governor Jesse Ventura. The Washington Post. 9/20/99.)

Am I suffering from paranoid delusions or is there a philosophical trend here? Again, I ask you: How easy is it to redefine mental illness?” (Rev. Tom Pedigo. American Family Association of Colorado State Director. The Salt Factor newsletter. July 2005.)


Crusades Not Politically Correct?

“A medieval knight bearing a crucifix is apparently too offensive for non-Christians, Muslims, and others in charge of a Vermont high school, as campus officials try to find a better mascot than the Crusaders for Champlain Valley Union High. ‘I believe the controversy came from a T-shirt that had a religious symbol on it,’ Alex Anderson of the CVU’s mascot committee told a local TV station in Burlington. ‘Some students thought that was offensive. We’re a public school and we’re trying to maintain separation of church and state.’ The local school board voted in December to make the switch. Other schools have done the same. Even Wheaton College, the evangelical school in Illinois, was the Crusaders for 70 years but dropped the name in 2000.” (WorldNetDaily. 6/16/05.)

Editor’s Note: Well, I hope Campus Crusade for Christ doesn’t change their name!


A Colorado Library Sued

“The Liberty Counsel, a religious freedom watchdog, is suing the Colorado library that refused to let it meet in the library’s community room. The Woodland Park Library says its community room is ‘available to nonprofit civic, cultural and educational organizations for events open to the public.’ But the policy also says, ‘Meetings open to the public that are religious or political in nature must provide a balanced view and meet with the Board of Trustees’ approval.’

The Liberty Counsel said it applied to use the library’s community room at the end

of May and again on June 6. The Liberty Counsel noted on the application that the meeting would present a biblical perspective on marriage and homosexuality and would include prayer and scripture reading. But library officials responded that since the proposed meeting was religious, someone else must present an opposing view. The lawsuit filed against the Rampart Library District Board of Trustees requests that the policy be found unconstitutional and that the court order the library to allow Liberty Counsel to use the community room. Matthew D. Staver, president and general counsel of Liberty Counsel, called it ‘astounding’ that a public library would exercise such ‘callous disregard’ of the First Amendment.

‘Under the policy, any member of the public may say anything on any topic in the library community room. That is, of course, unless the topic is religious or political, in which case the library requires the speaker to present the opposing view. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if a Veteran’s Day message were punctuated with antiwar rhetoric? The library policy would require the NAACP to invite the KKK to present its view on civil rights,’ Staver said. ‘The policy is not only unconstitutional, it is shamefully ridiculous,’ he concluded.” (Religion Today. 6/23/05.)


ACLU Defends Polygamy

“In comments at an Ivy League school, the president of the American Civil Liberties Union has indicated that among the ‘fundamental rights’ of people is the right to polygamous relationships—and that the ACLU has defended and will continue to defend that right. According to Paul McGuire, Crawford Broadcasting radio talk-show host, he says: “Nadine Strossen and the ACLU have declared legal war on the traditional family...but I think the majority of Americans view ACLU lawyers as people who hate America and who want to destroy all Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. The ACLU seems to only defend things that tear down the fabric of society.’” (Agape Press. 6/24/05.)


Allstate Fires Manager for Moral Stance

“A former manager with Allstate has sued the insurance giant, alleging the company, which financially supports homosexual advocacy groups, fired him solely because he wrote a column posted on several websites that was critical of same-sex marriage and espoused his Christian beliefs. J. Matt Barber was a manager in Allstate’s Corporate Security Division, its investigative arm, at the Fortune 100 company’s headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois. Barber wrote columns for a variety of websites. He was called into a meeting with two Human Resources officials, one of whom Barber says ‘slapped down’ a printed copy of the column in front of him and asked if he had written it. Recognizing the piece, Barber confirmed he had written it on his own time, at his home and on his own computer.

Barber claims he was told, ‘Here at Allstate we have a very diverse community.’ Barber says the Human Resources assistant vice president told him the column didn’t reflect Allstate’s view and that he was suspended with pay. Barber was immediately ushered off company grounds—’which was humiliating,’ the former employee said. Three days later, Barber who had worked for Allstate for five years, says he got a call informing him he was fired ‘for writing the article,’ he said. Now, the Christian Law Association and David Gibbs III is representing Mr. Barber in a lawsuit. According to the agency’s report: ‘The claimant was discharged from Allstate because an outside organization had complained.’” (WorldNetDaily. 6/24/05.)


Infiltration of State into Church

“Armed with a 66-year-old law, the state revenue department of South Dakota is pushing churches to pay taxes on candles, Bibles, song books and other liturgical items purchased outside of their state. The crackdown, which was announced to churches recently in a letter from the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation, has alarmed church leaders who see the collection effort as a threat to their independence. ‘It’s corroding the separation between the church and the state, frankly,’ said Gary Nesdahl, executive director of the Association of Christian Churches of South Dakota, which represents about 1,000 churches in the state. Church leaders from about a dozen different denominations are sharing their concerns with an official from the state revenue department. At issue is whether churches are exempt from the payment of use taxes on items such as candles, sacramental wine, bread and prayer and song books. When those items are bought out of state, the department of revenue says, a ‘use tax’ must be paid. The letter orders the churches to obtain a tax license. And if a church is found to owe back taxes, the state wants to collect the amount owed from the past three years. “ ( Sioux Falls Argus Leader. 6/28/05.)


Student Flunks for God

“A college in southern California is now investigating the case of a student who says she was given an ‘F’ grade for mentioning ‘God’ against the expressed wishes of her atheist instructor. Bethany Hauf, a freshman at Victor Valley Community College near San Bernadino, wrote the G-word 41 times in a paper titled ‘In God We Trust,’ examining the role of religion in government. Her adjunct English instructor, Michael Shefchik, told her not to include ‘God’ in her paper. ‘He said it would offend others in class,’ Hauf, 34, told the Daily Press. ‘I didn’t realize God was taboo.’ The mother of four from Apple Valley, California, is now demanding an apology from the school, as well as a regrading of her 10-page report.

‘I don’t lose my First Amendment rights when I walk into that college,’ she said. ‘My teacher told me that I might as well write about the Easter Bunny,’ Hauf told the Daily Press. ‘He wanted to censor the word God.’ Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice is representing her. Sekulow says Hauf should have had no ban on her freedom of speech or religious views in the assignment.” (WorldNetDaily. 6/30/05.)


Religious Rental & Discrimination

“The U.S. Department of Justice is asking a federal court to bar New York City Public Schools from discriminating against religious speech. The DOJ has filed a second brief on behalf of the Bronx Household of Faith, a church that has been barred from renting school facilities on the same basis as other community groups. The Bronx church had sought to rent New York City Public School facilities after hours for the purpose of holding its worship services. However, even though secular organizations and community groups were allowed to use school facilities for a fee, the New York City Board of Education has refused to allow the Bronx Household of Faith the same access. Eric Treene, the DOJ’s Special Counsel for Religious Discrimination, says school boards, administrators and local government officials across the U.S. generally have a mindset that religion is not allowed in public places. The Justice Department officials say the New York school system is ignoring the law.” (Agape Press. 6/9/05.)


Courting Confusion

“The U.S. Supreme Court’s ‘yes’ and ‘no’ rulings on public displays of the Ten Commandments will have legal scholars and elected officials scratching their heads for years to come. And that’s too bad, because the First Amendment’s language seems clear enough to us. The first part of the Bill of Rights prohibits government ‘establishment’ of religion. In the context of colonial America, clearly it was a rebuke of an official state religion, the kind so many colonists from England had fled.

Posting a copy of the Ten Commandments in a courthouse among a number of documents referencing the nation’s roots is not a state establishment of religion. But the Supreme Court recently ruled 5-4, that it’s impermissible. That might lead a reasonable person to assume then that a granite monument to the Ten Commandments on the grounds of a state capitol would therefore also be impermissible. Well no—that’s OK, the high court ruled, again by a 5-4 margin.

In essence, the U.S. Supreme Court has been slowly changing the substance of the First Amendment. It’s another example of judges making law—in this case eroding a cornerstone of American freedom. It settles nothing. Indeed, it invites further quibbling over every new case based on individual perceptions of whether it might be viewed as an official ‘endorsement’ of religion.” (The Gazette. Editorial Staff. Our View—“Courting Confusion.” 6/29/05.)


Judge Roy Moore Comments

“Judge Roy Moore can speak from experience on the legal ramifications of publicly acknowledging faith in God. The former Alabama chief justice says in his opinion, the main issue is not the display of God’s laws—but whether the state can publicly acknowledge God under the First Amendment. According to Moore, there is no law prohibiting such expression by the state. But because of the Supreme Court’s rulings in the Kentucky and Texas cases, he says the high court will have to decide the constitutionality of every type of Ten Commandments display on government property. ‘The Supreme Court is making problems

for themselves by interfering with the First Amendment,’ he contends. ‘The question is: Can we acknowledge God under the First Amendment? — and I’d say absolutely,’ according to Moore.” (Agape Press. 6/28/05.)


Rule of Flaw

“A divided Supreme Court said on 6/27/05 that governments may display the Ten Commandments

on public property but that local officials must remain neutral toward religion and such displays must not be overtly religious. The court’s message came in two 5-4 rulings that reflected divisions among the justices in wrestling with whether such monuments - which are at public buildings across the nation - amount to an impermissible government endorsement of religion. Together, the rulings put a new spotlight on the motives of local elected officials who seek to post the Ten Commandments. The decisions essentially ensure that government will not be able to exhibit the Commandments alone in the future. The rulings, which came on the last day of the court’s 2004-2005 term, also are likely to lead to more lawsuits challenging existing displays.” (The Gazette. “Court OKs Neutral Religious Displays.” 6/28/05.)


Let’s Shoot Down Those Pesky Air Force Evangelicals!

“We are truly in a war. The assault is relentless. It appears we are losing many of our battles. It won’t be long before the enemy succeeds in his mission and eradicates any vestige of our nation’s foundations. Interpretation: the war is cultural, the ongoing assault is by the secular left, Christianity is being suppressed and conservative citizens don’t seem to be seriously fighting for their heritage.

This introduction is my philosophical tirade against what the liberals are doing to the Air Force Academy leadership and other military training institutes across our land. Just a handful of discontents have succeeded in framing the story of “religious persecution” at the academy. When I think of “religious persecution,” I think of anti-Christian bias or discrimination against a Christian because of his or her faith. But no…when these malcontents say “religious persecution,” they mean “Evangelicals voicing their faith in public and on government grounds.”

I have grown tired of seeing an avalanche of newspaper articles jumping on the liberal bandwagon and condemning some of the leaders of the Air Force Academy (and a football coach) for their faith. While some have misinterpreted the First Amendment and push for a “separation of church and state,” it has actually come down to the “separation of church FROM state.” This was not the original intent of our Founding Fathers. And now, a Brig.-General will not be promoted because of this furor over his faith.

“ Air Force Academy Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. Johnny Weida’s name was pulled from a promotions list before the Senate voted recently to award the Air Force general a second star. Weida, a 1978 academy graduate and former Thunderbirds pilot, was nominated May 9 for promotion to major general, just as a task force arrived at the academy to investigate claims of religious bias. His name was pulled from the list before lawmakers voted. The Air Force initially defended the nomination, saying his selection was based on his 26-plus years in the service and was examined by the Air Force, Defense Department and White House. Weida’s alleged endorsement of evangelical Christianity was part of a controversy over claims of religious intolerance that led to the creation of an Air Force task force…although cleared of six allegations, one incident remains under investigation.”

(The Gazette. Pam Zubeck, Reporter. 8/2/05.)

“John Ullyot, spokesman for the Senate Armed Services Committee, said: ‘In the case of Gen. Weida, I would note there’s still an Air Force inspector general’s investigation ongoing, and as a general matter, the committee awaits the outcome of such investigations before consenting to a nomination.’ Weida’s promotion of Christianity to cadets is being examined amid allegations the academy favors evangelical Christianity. It’s unknown when Weida’s nomination for promotion might be considered.” (The Gazette. 8/3/05.)

Who is making these allegations? A handful of godless secularists who are squealing loudly for the eradication of vocal evangelicals.

“We know now that the problem of religious triumphalism extends well beyond the academy. Change is needed at the Pentagon as well…these (evangelicals) must go for the good of the nation and for all it stands.” (The Gazette. Mikey Weinstein. Editorial. 8/2/05.)

“Our government and a large part of the population seem to become ever more entangled with religion, resulting in increasing strife in our society. We are now at the point of letting evangelical zealots penetrate and influence the highest levels of government. This is a very dangerous precedent. Our government is based on secular principles.” (The Gazette. Beate White. Letter to the Editor. 8/4/05.)

“A military analyst says an Air Force general’s failure to get promoted sends a chilling message to other Christian officers. Retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis says that’s a career ender.” (Agape Press. 8/3/05.) Submitted by: Tom Pedigo. AFA of CO State Director. The Salt Factor newsletter. Aug. 2005.


Officials Reverse Zoo Decision

“The city board of Tulsa, Okla., recently reversed direction and rejected plans to add a creationist exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo. Board members voted 3-1 against installing an exhibit on the origin of life from the Bible.

The vote, made at a special meeting of the board, reversed on June 7 decision to add a Genesis story to the zoo. Current Mayor Bill LaFortune was the lone board member to back the planned display.

He suggested that the board should form a committee to look at any religious symbols at the zoo and consider what to do with them. No action was taken on this suggestion. Residents had crowded into the meeting and signed up on a speakers list that stretched more than four pages. At the start of the meeting, however, Helmerich, board chairman, said there would be no public comment period.” ( 7/7/05.)

Editor’s Note: The final decision and change of mind reached by the board may have been because of pressure from Barry Lynn of the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. He wrote a threatening legal letter that usually sends public officials running around in a panic. What one person can do!


Boy Scouts Defunded

“A federal judge in Chicago has sided with the ACLU and ruled the Pentagon can no longer spend millions of dollars in government money to ready a Virginia military base for a national Boy Scout event. The June order by U.S. District Judge Blanche Manning stems from a 1999 lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois that claimed the Defense Department’s sponsorship of the Scouts violates the First Amendment because the group requires its members to swear an oath of duty to God.

The Department of Justice, which represents the Defense Department in legal matters, said the government was still considering its options and had not yet decided whether to appeal, said Justice Department spokesman Charles Miller. The order does not cover this year’s National Scout Jamboree but the next one, typically held ever four years, which won’t be held until 2010 to coincide with the Scouts’ 100th anniversary.

Believe it or not, one of the plaintiffs in the case was the Rev. Eugene Winkler who is an Eagle Scout and a former Scoutmaster who attended previous jamborees. The 71-year-old pastor of the Gary Methodist Church in Wheaton said he got involved because he did not agree with the use of taxpayer money to support the Scouts. ‘I’m not attacking the Scouts and neither is the ACLU. This issue is not about the Boy Scouts at all; it’s about government funding for religious purposes. It’s about the separation of church and state.’ said Winkler.” ( Chicago Daily Herald. 7/8/05.)

Editor’s Note: I just can’t believe this minister! So, because the Scouts believe in God and morality, they are to be considered a church? Does the same logic apply to the Red Cross or the YMCA? The Boy Scouts have been a part of America’s moral and educational fabric for decades and now a “Christian” minister wants them defunded?! Arghh!!!...where’s my blood pressure medicine?!


Senate Backs Scout Event

“The Senate voted on 7/26/05 to allow U.S. military bases to continue to host Boy Scout events, responding to lawsuits and a federal court ruling aimed at severing relationships between the government and the youth group. In a 98-0 vote, the Senate approved the provision continuing the hosting of Boy Scout events as part of massive bill setting Defense Department policy for next year. The provision states that Boy Scouts should be treated as other national youth organizations.” (The Gazette. 7/27/05.)


Camp Refuge for Atheist Kids

“Nicole Ward grew tired of having to pray during the hot activity-filled days of her summer camp experience; especially since she comes from a family that doesn’t believe in God. “I can’t stand the tons of prayers I have to say at other camps,’ said Ward. Thanks to Camp Quest, she no longer has to. Camp Quest is a secular camp operated in Butler County, Ohio, by a group that is incorporated in Kentucky. It is for kids who come from families who are atheist, agnostic, or Free Thinkers. For these kids, Camp Quest provides a refuge from a society where God feels omnipresent.

Lawyer and author Edwin Kagin, an atheist, founded the camp 10 years ago, and chooses to focus on subjects that steer clear of religion. ‘We believe in critical thinking. We teach science. We teach evolution.

We have a strong emphasis on scientific method,’ said Kagin. Kagin also refers back to American history to supposedly nurture his godless environment. Each camper is given a godless one-dollar bill, without the phrase ‘In God We Trust’ printed on the back, to hold onto during the camp experience.” (ABC News. 7/25/05.)


FEC Clears Rev. Jerry Falwell

“The Rev. Jerry Falwell has scored a victory for the right of a preacher to speak out during an election campaign. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has unanimously dismissed a complaint against Dr. Falwell related to statements he made in an e-mail during last year’s presidential campaigns. A group called Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the FEC accusing Falwell of violating election laws. But attorney Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel, who represented the well-known preacher, contends that Dr. Falwell, like other American citizens, retains his right to free personal speech during an election cycle.

Because Rev. Falwell is a broadcaster and a public spokesman, Staver says the Constitution of the United States guarantees his free-speech rights. Liberty Counsel also argued that Jerry Falwell Ministries and Liberty Alliance are exempt from the election laws since the organizations meet the criteria for ‘qualified nonprofit corporation’ status as a result of being supported by private contributions. The FEC voted 6-0 to dismiss all the allegations in the Campaign Legal Center’s complaint.” (Agape Press. 7/19/05.)


Merry Christmas ACLU

“A federal appeals court rejected the claim of a woman represented by the ACLU who said she was offended by Christmas displays at a city hall. Grace Osediacz sued the city of Cranston, Rhode Island, asserting that the religious displays—erected along with secular displays by members of the public in an area designated by the city—violate the so-called ‘separation of church and state.’But a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit ruled unanimously recently that Osediacz had no standing to bring her claim. ‘The appeals court rejected what has been a longstanding ACLU tactic—filing lawsuits simply for the reason that somebody claims to be offended,’ said Benjamin Bull, chief counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund. ‘The Christmas displays in Cranston were perfectly constitutional, just as the district court ruled.’” (WorldNetDaily. 7/8/05.)


No Midshipmen’s Prayer

Every weekday, when the more than 4,000 midshipmen at the Naval Academy gather for lunch, they begin with a brief prayer. A devotional thought or a moment of silence. The academy sees the prayer as a way to help build character and religious tolerance. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sees it as a violation of the constitutional mandate that church and state remain separate. The ADL’s request that the Naval Academy follow the lead of the Air Force Academy and the U.S. Military Academy, which do not have mealtime prayers, was rejected by Vice Adm. Rodney Rempt, superintendent of the Naval Academy.

Generally, lunch at the academy is preceded by a prayer given by the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish chaplains on a rotating basis. If the academy stands by its policy, the league will press the armed services committees of the two houses of Congress to intervene and put an end to the practice.” (The Gazette. 7/7/05.)


Jewish Leader Blast Anti-Defamation League

“A conservative Jewish activist says he is appalled by the recent demand of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that the U.S. Naval Academy stop holding prayers before lunch for the midshipmen. Disagreeing with ADL’s national director, Abraham Foxman, is Don Feder, president of Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation. ‘There is nothing unconstitutional, there is nothing insensitive, there is nothing coercive about a voluntary prayer, saying grace, or having a chaplain say grace before the midshipmen have lunch,’ he says. ‘No one is forced to say the prayer.’

Moreover, Feder contends, ‘If you took a survey of the Midshipmen at the Academy, you’d probably find that 99.9% think it’s a good thing.’ He says the ADL’s opposition to the practice of mealtime prayer is the result of the liberal group’s agenda—to pursue its obsession with purging even the mildest manifestations of religion from American public life.In the past, Feder has described the Anti-Defamation League as virtually indistinguishable from the American Civil Liberties Union. And in a recent column, the conservative Jewish spokesman stated that the Anti-Defamation League ‘has betrayed its original mission’ and has become just another leftist organization with a leftist agenda.” (Agape Press. 7/5/05.)


No Teaching the Bible

“A liberal watchdog group complained recently that a Bible study course taught in hundreds of public schools in Texas and across the country promotes a ‘fundamentalist Christian view’ and violates religious freedom. The Texas Freedom Network (which means ‘freedom FROM religion’) also said that the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools is full of errors and dubious research. The producers of the Bible class dismissed the Texas Freedom Network as a ‘far left’ organization trying to suppress study of a historical text. The NCBC says its elective course is offered in high schools and junior highs by more than 300 school districts in 37 states. The conflict is now in process.” (The Gazette. 8/2/05.)


Bible Oaths Challenged

“In Raleigh, North Carolina, the ACLU is now arguing that religious texts of non-Christian faiths should be allowed in the courts. To deny their usage would be a violation of our Constitution by favoring Christianity over other religions.” (The Gazette. 7/27/05.)


Christian Law Group Denied

“The Christian Legal Society (CLS) chapter at Southern Illinois University Law School is asking a federal court to order the law school to reinstate the evangelical group as an official student organization. CLS filed suit in April, alleging the law school violated its First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights by revoking the organization’s registered status. SIU dropped its recognition of CLS after a homosexual student complained to law school officials about the chapter’s requirement that its members and leaders be Christians. Meanwhile, as a result of the revocation of the chapter’s registered student organization status, the CLS group has been denied access to the law school’s bulletin boards, meeting rooms, and e-mail system. But all CLS is seeking, the chapter’s legal representative points out, is to be given the same treatment afforded to other campus groups.” (Agape Press. 7/29/05.)

Editor’s Note: My son is a law student at Whittier in California and also vice-president of his school’s Christian Legal Society. He says the anti-christian bias and prejudice at this secular campus, as well at other schools, is at a fever pitch. Pray for his safety and wisdom as he helps lead this group.


Another Christian Law Group Discrimination Attack

“The fact that Arizona State University recognizes a gay fraternity but not an association of Christian law-school students has the Scottsdale, Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund up in arms. And for good reason. The group is suing the school over its refusal to recognize the Christian Legal Society as a campus organization. The university says the society discriminates against non-Christians. But Sigma Phi Beta, a gay fraternity that has been in existence at ASU for five years and is seeking a national charter, is operated by and only for homosexual students. That’s not discriminatory? Jeremy Tedesco, an attorney for the defense fund, told one Arizona newspaper that it’s just plain hypocritical for ASU to recognize one but not the other.” (The Gazette. Editorial Staff. 7/28/05.)


Fining Ten Commandment Protesters

“An Idaho judge has upheld the conviction of protesters who were arrested for trying to interfere with the removal of Ten Commandments monument from Boise city park. The ruling comes just over a year after

13 Christian activists were charged with obstructing police who were trying to move the 40-year-old monument to the grounds of an Episcopal church. The activists were sentenced to 25 hours of community service. A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allowed Ten Commandments monuments to be displayed in some situations has prompted some of the Boise activists to spearhead an effort to either have the original monument returned to the city park or to get the city to allow a new one.” (Agape Press. 8/3/05.)


City Council Hinders Church

“A local church gained government approval to add an auditorium to their building only after suing the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, under the Religious Land Use Act. ‘After five years of working toward this goal—and praying and researching and not sleeping—we now are only money away from seeing our dream finally come true,’ said Steve Hayes, leader of the campus ministry. New Life Church wanted to build a training center on the University of Michigan campus to disciple college students. This auditorium, that would be added to their existing ministry center, was denied a permit. The board of New Life Church, in consultation with Great Commission Ministries, voted unanimously to initiate legal action against the city in December 2004. The city council settled the lawsuit, but prolonged the negotiations of the permit for over seven weeks to the dismay of the ministers. The city has finally relented and granted the permit with a large number of demands. The new addition will include a 496-seat auditorium, classrooms, a coffeehouse, study lounge and a library.” (The Christian Post. 7/22/05.)


Political Religious Gap Poll

“What strategists call the religion gap between Democrats and Republicans may be widening. Despite efforts by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid ( Nev.), Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton ( New York), and other prominent Democrats to talk about their faith and the religious underpinnings of their positions, it is not taking. A Pew Research Center poll released recently found that only 29% of the public sees the Democratic Party as ‘generally friendly’ toward religion, down from 40% a year ago. A 55% majority continues to see the Republicans as friendly toward religion, according to the poll.” (The Gazette. 9/1/05.)


ACLU’s War on Children & Morality

“According to actor/comedian W. C. Fields: ‘No man who hates dogs and children can be all bad.’ The biggest difference between Mr. Fields and the American Civil Liberties Union is that the ACLU still likes dogs. In case after case, in courtrooms all over the country, the ACLU continues to affirm its abiding hatred for the traditional American family—for moral values, for the sanctity of marriage and for life itself. But perhaps, most alarmingly, for innocent children—especially children raised with a strong faith.

These attorneys have taken leave of their senses. How else can you explain their determined defense of pornographic and outrageous websites, like that of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which serenades aspiring pederasts in the subtleties of child sodomy? The ACLU professes to see innocence everywhere—except, of course, in the Boy Scouts of America. There, they insist, religious zealots are tutoring bigots of tomorrow.” (WorldNetDaily. 9/1/05.)


New Air Force Religious Policy

“The Air Force, in a directive on religious expression released in late August, cautioned against most public prayer and urged leaders to be sensitive about sharing their faith. The long-awaited guidelines are part of the Air Force’s response to claims the Air Force Academy favors evangelical Christianity. Public prayer ‘should not usually be included’ in staff meetings, classes or sports events, but ‘extraordinary circumstances may drive exceptions.’ The policy doesn’t identify what qualifies as an extraordinary circumstance. The guidelines allow for a ‘brief non- sectarian prayer’ to add a ‘heightened sense

of seriousness’ at special events such as changes-of-command, promotion ceremonies

or ‘significant celebrations.’

The directive dictates that chaplains respect diverse beliefs or no belief and prohibit conveying religious messages via government computers. Mikey Weinstein, an academy graduate who accused the academy of religious bias a year ago, said he still may file suit. He called the rules confusing, lax and deferential to the religious right. ‘These guidelines do nothing more than contribute to what appears to be an imperious, fascistic contagion that is sweeping throughout this country through evangelical Christians trying to infuse their religious thought into the machinery of the state,’ he said.” (The Gazette. Pam Zubeck, reporter. 8/30/05.)

Gazette Editorial Staff Response: “After reading Weinstein’s quote, it seems that religious intolerance isn’t a problem confined only to the academy.” (The Gazette. “Clipped Wings.” Colorado Springs, CO. Staff Editorial. 8/31/05.)


U.S. Naval Academy Prays

“The U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, plans to continue having its chaplains say grace before mandatory lunch for its more than 4,000 midshipmen, despite a policy issued this week by the U.S. Air Force to discourage most public prayer. The Naval Academy is the only U.S. military institution that holds formal prayer at lunch, a ritual that might date to its founding in 1845. The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 2003 that mealtime prayers at the Virginia Military Institute violated the First Amendment. For right now, the Naval Academy still prays!” (Agape Press. 8/31/05.)


Student Can Finally Wear Christian T-Shirt

“A federal judge has told an Ohio school district it can no longer bar a middle school student from wearing a T-shirt with a Christian message. Judge George Smith has ruled that Sheridan

Middle School in Thornville violated the constitutional rights of student James Nixon by prohibiting him from wearing a Bible quote from John 14:6. This ruling sets a pervasive precedent.” (AP news. 8/19/05.)


Court Says Atheism is a Religion

“A federal court of appeals has ruled in favor of an inmate who claimed that Wisconsin prison officials violated his rights under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment because they refused to allow him to create a study group for atheists. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that prison officials erred because they ‘did not treat atheism as a religion.’ The court said, ‘Atheism is the inmate’s religion, and the group that he wanted to start was religion in nature even though it expressly rejects a belief in a supreme being.’

Brian Fahling, senior trail attorney for the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy, described the court’s ruling as ‘a sort of Alice in Wonderland jurisprudence.’ ‘Up is down, and atheism, the antithesis of religion, is religion,’ stated Fahling. The Supreme Court has said that a religion need not be based on a belief in the existence of a supreme being. In the 1961 case of Torcaso v. Watkins, the Court described ‘secular humanism’ as a religion.” (AFA Press Release. 8/19/05.)


Colorado Library Alters Policy

“Facing a federal lawsuit, a Teller County library district has rewritten its policy to open its meeting rooms to religious programs. The challenge by the Liberty Counsel is among several of the advocacy groups that have launched a campaign across the country for this issue. Sharon Quay, director of the library that services northern Teller County in Woodland Park, said although she didn’t believe the old policy violated free-speech rights, she didn’t want to spend funds on a legal fight. The lawsuit, pending in U.S. District Court in Denver, likely will be resolved by the new policy.

The former policy required advocacy groups such as Liberty Counsel to allow those with opposing views a chance to speak at events. Mathew Staver, president of the Liberty Counsel, said the group has sued libraries to change what it considers unconstitutional policies against religious expression.” (The Gazette. 8/22/05.)

Editor’s Note: I’ve never seen libraries require that black speakers with the NAACP have to include a spokesman from the KKK; I haven’t seen the Free Thinkers also bring in a leading Christian minister for a counterpoint or opposing view; I’ve not seen anti-American speakers like professor Ward Churchill also have a flag-waving veteran alongside him in a library hall. It appears that these libraries were discriminating against religious (read evangelical or conservative Christian) groups who wanted to speak on a moral issue—like traditional marriage. The libraries being sued required that a pro-homosexual group have equal opportunity to speak during that Christian meeting. The policy is now changed.


ACLU & Abstinence-Only

“The ACLU has launched a drive to persuade education officials in 18 states to reject federal government-affiliated abstinence-only programs. The ACLU, citing data from a flawed December 2004 report by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., claims the programs discriminate against homosexuals, contain too much religious connotation and spread false information, the Washington Times reported.

James Wagoner, president of Advocates for Youth and former executive vice president of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League blames the high rate of oral sex among teens on abstinence-only programs that forbid any discussion of contraceptive use.

A study released in mid-June by the Heritage Foundation showed that individuals taking an abstinence pledge were 25% less likely to have a sexually-transmitted disease as a young adult and were less likely to have children out of wedlock. President Bush is an avid supporter of the abstinence programs and proposed spending $270 million on them in 2005, although Congress reduced that amount to about $168 million.” (WorldNetDaily. 9/22/05.)


Cherokees Want the Big Ten

“The ACLU has launched a drive to persuade education officials in 18 states to reject federal government-affiliated abstinence-only programs. The ACLU, citing data from a flawed December 2004 report by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., claims the programs discriminate against homosexuals, contain too much religious connotation and spread false information, the Washington Times reported. James Wagoner, president of Advocates for Youth and former executive vice president of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League blames the high rate of oral sex among teens on abstinence-only programs that forbid any discussion of contraceptive use.

A study released in mid-June by the Heritage Foundation showed that individuals taking an abstinence pledge were 25% less likely to have a sexually-transmitted disease as a young adult and were less likely to have children out of wedlock. President Bush is an avid supporter of the abstinence programs and proposed spending $270 million on them in 2005, although Congress reduced that amount to about $168 million.” (WorldNetDaily. 9/22/05.)


A General’s Exonerated Exit

“Brig. Gen. Johnny Weida, the Air Force Academy commandant accused of improperly pushing his faith on others, has been cleared by Air Force investigators of all seven allegations. One of the allegations was

that Weida, a born-again Christian, used a hand signal to encourage cadets to proselytize to fellow students were ‘not substantiated,’ according to an Air Force statement. Weida’s exoneration was decried by critics as proof that the Air Force isn’t serious about stopping religious insensitivity. Abraham Foxman, national director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, wanted stricter actions. Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. John Rosa said in a written statement that Weida is an outstanding officer who has successfully lead the school in the wake of a sex assault scandal. Nevertheless, Weida is leaving for an Ohio position and is being replaced by a female officer.” ( 9/8/05; The Gazette. 10/8/05.)


Newdow Renews His Rampage

“When the Supreme Court tossed out Michael Newdow’s challenge to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools, he vowed to keep fighting. With little delay, Newdow filed an identical case, and on 9/14/05, the Sacramento atheist won a major battle in his quest to force the high court to take up the issue again. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton ruled the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is unconstitutional, saying the pledge’s reference to one nation ‘under God’ violates schoolchildren’s right to be ‘free from a coercive requirement to affirm God.’ Karlton said he was bound by precedent of the 9 th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which in 2002 ruled in favor of Newdow that the pledge is unconstitutional when recited in public schools.” (The Gazette. 9/15/05.)


Jurors Can’t Use Bible Ruling Upheld

“The nation’s highest court has upheld a Colorado court’s ruling that said jurors erred when they consulted biblical law to sentence a murderer to death. On the first day of its 2005-2006 term Oct. 3, the Supreme Court declined, without comment, to hear an appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of convicted murderer and rapist Robert Harlan. A panel of Colorado’s highest court in March invalidated Harlan’s death sentence, saying jurors should not have taken biblical recommendations for punishment into account when sentencing. By declining to hear the case, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the Colorado court’s decision to stand.” (Maranatha Christian Journal. 10/3/05.)


No Recess Bible Reading

“A federal court has been asked to order a Knoxville, Tennessee, elementary school to stop prohibiting a ten-year-old student from reading his Bible during recess. Luke Whitson and his parents have filed a motion for preliminary injunction against Knox County School officials, who allegedly threatened to punish the boy for reading the Bible during recess at Karns Elementary School. The district claims the Bible reading jeopardizes student safety and that, because recess is not ‘free time,’ they can prohibit Bible reading during that time. The Whitson’s are being represented by the Alliance Defense Fund.” (Agape Press. 9/26/05.)


Ejected for Nodding “Yes”

“Be careful about nodding your head, folks. It may get you run off. And be careful about affirming biblical truths. I may get you run off, or worse—gasp!—you might offend someone and be labeled intolerant and hateful. Meet Jon Moeller, Washington Nationals team chaplain. Or at least he was, until he had the audacity to answer a player’s theological question, which is kind of in his job description. The question was asked by, ironically enough, outfielder Ryan Church: ‘Are Jews doomed because they don’t believe in Jesus?’ Moeller answered with a simple affirmative nod of the head. As breathlessly reported in the Washington Post on Sept. 18, Moeller was suspended while an investigation ensued.

What all this boils down to is a man doing exactly what he was supposed to do, and subsequently being punished for it. When asked a biblical or theological question, was Chaplain Moeller supposed to remain silent? Was he supposed to shake his head in a negative manner thus denying his own convictions? Is that what the Nationals wanted him to do? If the team and the media is whining about pluralism and diversity but are now punishing Moeller, how intolerant can you get?” (Agape Press. Brent Locke. “Ejected for Jesus.” 9/23/05.)


No More Council Praying

“ South Carolina’s attorney general says he will not tell local governments whether they can pray before their meetings. At least two groups are urging local boards and councils to stop using the name of Jesus Christ in prayers at public meetings in the state. The ACLU has asked Attorney General Henry McMaster to offer cities guidance on what invocations are legal.” (Agape Press. 10/7/05.)


School Pictures Come Down

“A coalition of churches in a small Illinois county is protesting a decision by a local junior high school to confiscate pictures of Jesus and The Lord’s Supper. Citing legal liability concerns, the Anna School Board decided to remove three religious pictures—one of which is a reproduction of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ from the walls of Anna Junior High School, where they had hung for over half a century. The move comes because of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.” (Agape Press. 9/27/05.)


No More Cross After Red?

“The Swiss foreign minister’s visit to the region was part of efforts by Switzerland—the depositary state of the Geneva Conventions—to find a new humanitarian emblem. Up for discussion is a new emblem—a red crystal, which could be used by Israel, Islamic nations and western nations that embrace Christianity.” ( 11/1/05.)


Europe Dethrones Christ

“A new grammar rule devised by the European Union in Brussels stipulates the word ‘Christ’ shall be spelled with a lowercase ‘c.’ The rule was part of an orthography reform published in October, reported Canada Free Press. The EU changes become mandatory next August. There are no penalties set out for those who insist on continuing to spell Christ with a capital ‘C.’” (WorldNetDaily. 11/1/05.)

Editor’s Note: Europeans have long discarded belief in God. In fact, I just read

a new poll that finds over 66% of Britons said they believe in ghosts but only 55% said they believe in the existence of God. Again, this action of dethroning Christ by European nations points toward prophesy being fulfilled from the book of Revelation.


Target Bans Salvation Army

“While urging its supporters to continue voicing their opinion against Target for again banning Salvation Army bell ringers from outside its stores during the Christmas season, the American Family Association is decrying the fact the retail chain has added vibrators to its feminine-care offerings. ‘Despite increased need caused by the hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Target stores continue to bar the Salvation Army,’ said AFA founder Donald Wildmon. As WorldNetDaily reported, Christian activists believe Target made the move to appease the homosexual community. This large retail chain is a contributor to homosexual causes, and the Salvation Army has traditionally opposed the ‘gay’ agenda. ‘While Target continues to ban the Salvation Army, competitors such as Wal-Mart are increasing their donations to the Salvation Army,’ Wildmon noted.”(WorldNetDaily. 10/28/05.)


Schools & Christmas Rules

“A Christian educators group is teaming up with a Christian legal group as part of a national campaign to warn schools against prohibiting celebration and discussion of Christmas. The campaign, called ‘Friend or Foe,’ provides education about celebrating Christmas in public schools and on public property. For the past three years, Florida-based Liberty Counsel has conducted the campaign, offering pro bono legal advice and defense to government entities that do not censor Christmas, but filing suit whenever Christmas is censored.

Joining Liberty Counsel this year is the Christian Educators Association International (CEAI), which is asking its 8,000 members to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the campaign. The members of this organization are being encouraged to report incidents of religious discrimination—specifically, attempts to censor Christmas—as the holiday approaches. CEAI Executive Director, Finn Laursen, says, ‘We’re finding that there’s an increase of adversarial attitudes really resulting in religious discrimination when it comes to

the recognition of Christmas in our public schools. There are some schools that really believe that the holiday needs to be sanitized out of school.’ The CEAI leader says schools that willfully engage in Christian discrimination will be challenged in court by Liberty Counsel. Contrary to what many school administrators presently believe, he says, Christmas is not constitutionally ‘taboo’ in public schools.” (Agape Press. 10/25/05.)


Persecuting a 5-Year-Old!

“Officials at a New York state school may have violated the constitutional free-speech rights of a kindergarten student who included an image of Jesus in his homework assignment, according to an appeals court decision. The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in Manhattan remanded the case back to a federal district court recently for further consideration. Antonio Peck, who attended Catherine McNamara Elementary School in Baldwinsville, New York, as a kindergarten student during the 1999-2000 school year, reportedly was expressing his belief that God was the only way to save the environment. School officials rejected the poster and then decided to obscure a portion that showed Jesus and a church with a Cross citing concerns over its ‘religious’ nature.

Liberty Counsel, a Florida-based Christian legal firm, filed suit. ‘To allow a kindergarten poster with religious imagery to be displayed for a few hours on a cafeteria wall, along with 80 other student posters, is far from an establishment of religion,’ said Mathew Staver, president and general counsel of Liberty Counsel. ‘To censor the poster solely because some might perceive a portion of it to be religious is an egregious violation of the Constitution.’ In its opinion, the 2nd Circuit panel said the district court ‘overlooked evidence that suggested that Antonio’s poster was censored not because it was unresponsive to the assignment but because it offered a religious perspective on the topic of how to save the environment.’ Staver said, ‘I’m elated with the decision. Now Antonio will have his day in court. The school humiliated Antonio when the teacher folded his poster in half so that the cutout drawing of Jesus could not be seen.’”

(WorldNetDaily. 10/20/05.)

Bashing the Christian Right

“An ex-senator recently warned students at the Bill Clinton School of Public Service (yes, it really exists) in Little Rock, Arkansas, ‘I think that the Republican Party has been taken over by the Christian conservatives, by the Christian right. I don’t think that this is a permanent condition but I think this has happened, and that it’s divisive for the country.’ Ominous words to be sure—but a little odd coming from former Missouri Sen. John Danforth, a Republican who also happens to be an Episcopal priest. ‘Nothing is more dangerous than religion in politics and government when it becomes divisive,’ Danforth went on to say.

Apparently, Danforth believes there’s room for only his kind of Christians under the Republican ‘big tent’—moderate or liberal Christians. You know, the type of Christian who wears their faith lightly, like a very subtle cologne, or not at all, for fear of being labeled ‘divisive’ or ‘extremist.’ Not only is it wrong to argue that the ‘Christian right’ isn’t as entitled as any group is to participate in the political process, it’s outrageous to imply, as Danforth did, that this will lead to sectarian violence in the United States, a la Palestine or Northern Ireland. Even students at the Bill Clinton School of Public Service should have recognized the absurdity of such statements. We think he’s the one being divisive! ‘I think it’s important to encourage and inspire people who have an interest in public service,’ Danforth said, in explaining why he agreed to appear at that school. We’re not sure he ‘inspired’ or ‘encouraged’ many Christians with such comments.” (The Gazette. The Editorial Staff. Colorado Springs, CO. 11/1/05.)


Students Win A Victory!

“Christian students in New Jersey have chalked up a big win! After initially being barred from holding

a ‘See You at the Pole’ prayer rally, these middle school children have been permitted to hold a ‘do-over’ prayer event. In November, administrators at Brackman Middle School in Barnegat, NJ, told these students

they were ‘mixing church and state’ by praying before school in front of the campus flagpole. The students were then ordered to stop praying and move around the corner so other students arriving at school on buses would not see them praying. A lawsuit was filed and the staff then changed their position.” (Agape Press. 10/28/05.)


Christian Accused of Highjacking Film

“The director of the movie ‘March of the Penguins,’ a documentary about the mating ritual of Arctic birds is lashing out against Christians and others who suggest the film helps prove ‘intelligent design’ rather than the theory of evolution. ‘It annoys me,’ Luc Jacquet told the Sunday Times of London. ‘For me there is no doubt about evolution. I am a scientist. The intelligent design theory is a step back to the thinking of 300 years ago. My film is not supposed to be interpreted in this way.’

Conservative Jewish radio host and film critic Michael Medved, noted the story of the emperor penguins’ journey ‘most passionately affirms traditional norms like monogamy, sacrifice and child rearing.’ In World magazine Andrew Coffin wrote the complexity of the penguins’ lives was clear evidence of intelligent design, demonstrating it could not have come about through random selection. ‘It’s quite sad that the acknowledgment of a Creator is absent in the examination of such strange and wonderful animals,’ he wrote. ‘But it is a gap easily filled by family discussion after the film.’” (WorldNetDaily. 10/23/05.)


Californicating Christianity

“A California high school says it will no longer prohibit a student from using religious music to accompany her dance performance audition for a dance team concert. Officials with West High School in Torrance initially told student Lauren Stoudt she could not choreograph her dance to the song ‘In Your Presence’ because of the song’s religious content. The teenager’s father contacted the Alliance Defense Fund which sent a letter to the district superintendent as well as the high school principal warning them of a lawsuit if they continued their course of action. The school officials then permitted her to use the song.

‘The crazy thing about it is, these schools typically just review songs for profanity or overtly sexual themes. Well, we can all agree to that; but when the schools start viewing religion the same as they view profanity or sex, we’ve got a constitutional problem,’ said Jeremy Tedesco, ADF litigation staff counsel. The constitutionally correct way for schools to handle students’ religious expressions, the ADF attorney explains, is to understand that they are equally protected under the First Amendment and to treat it accordingly.”(Agape Press. 10/14/05.)


No Religious Free Speech on E-mails

“A government employee in California is fighting a reprimand she recently received for sending

an e-mail expressing her religious beliefs. The employee, who works for a large state agency in Sacramento, read an article in a national magazine which featured a lesbian attorney and her partner. The state worker was troubled by a statement in the article attributed to the attorney. That statement read:

‘Hypocrisy occurs when religion is used to justify why two people should not be married.’

The worker e-mailed the attorney from work, expressing her beliefs concerning religion and homosexuality and quoting several verses from the Bible. The attorney contacted the state employee’s supervisors, complaining about the e-mail and citing the use of scripture as ‘being harassing.’ After an investigation, the employee was suspended for 30 days without pay. The Pacific Justice Institute has now filed an appeal with the State Personnel Board on the employee’s behalf. PJI’s Brad Dacus says workers’ rights to express their religious convictions—’especially when they are acting in their personal capacity’ - must be preserved.” (Agape Press. 11/4/05.)


Christmas Under Fire & the Return of the Grinch

“Christmas is being stolen from us and Christians are getting fed up with the gross hypocrisy demonstrated by retailers as they use Christmas for profit, all the while denying the soul of the holiday: Jesus Christ. We Christians are the worst when it comes to standing up for our rights and claiming what is ours. Attention Christians! Christmas is definitely ours. It is the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Certainly unbelievers can enjoy the season and merchants can make their money, but the essence of Christmas is Christ. It is a Christian holiday. The attack on Christmas has heated up again in 2005. John Gibson of Fox News has released a new book entitled The War on Christmas. The editorial review of the book says this: ‘Yes, Virginia, there is a war on Christmas. It’s the secularization of America’s favorite holiday and the ever-stronger push toward a neutered “holiday.”’ This is the goal of the secularists.

We need to understand this war, fight it, and win it. We need to get offended. We need to get mad. We need to do something this year to stem this tide toward a totally Christ-less holiday. The Grinch is back, but this time he’s not working alone. Macy’s, Target, and many other huge retailers have joined him in efforts to steal the true meaning of the Christmas season and replace it with a secularized, paganized, non-religious holiday. They have to be very careful. In doing so they don’t want to lose the massive profits they make by selling Christmas gifts. They want to deny Christ without denying the cash. These efforts add new meaning to the word ‘hypocrisy.’

Few people are more understanding, loving, and tolerant than my wife. She works for one of the world’s largest retailers where ‘PC’(politically correct) policies and tolerance for one and all are standard. One day a few years ago she was called to a meeting. On the agenda for that meeting was the task of coming up with a name for their Christmas party other than the ‘Christmas party.’ Why? ‘We don’t want to offend anyone.’ The definition of the word ‘anyone’ is any human being who is not a Christian. It’s okay to offend Christians. This is why I think Christians are at their tolerance point and are ready to stand up and fight back.

During this meeting, the banter evoked several different ideas. One person suggested calling the Christmas party ‘The Holiday Party.’ Another suggested the ‘Winter Solstice Celebration.’ Finally, my wife reached her limit. She rebuked the entire group by saying, ‘Christmas is my holiday, and you are hijacking it. You are so worried about offending someone. Well, I am a Christian—and you have offended me!’ You go, girl!

Have you had enough? Are you tired of letting others capitalize on your holiday while denying the Christ it represents? Are you willing to stand up for Christ at Christmas? If so, let’s do something and do it now.

Let me suggest a plan of action. This Christmas, don’t spend your money at stores who won’t allow their employees to wish you a ‘Merry Christmas.’ Really, ‘Happy Holidays’ is a PC copout. Don’t invest in companies who won’t let the Salvation Army ring their bells outside their doors as they have for decades.

Let store management know that in their attempts to not offend anyone, they are offending you. Christians spend a lot of money during the Christmas. We have a choice of ‘where’ to spend our hard-earned money.

Finally, tell others what you are doing. Share your efforts in your Sunday school class and at church. Inform your family members and friends. Together we can make a big, big difference. You won’t be alone in your efforts. There is an alliance building right now among major Christian ministries—such as the American Family Association—to identify and target those companies who want our money but not our Christ. Begin praying now. This is a witness to the world that Christmas is important to the world because Christ is important!” (Ralph Barker.)


The War on Christmas!

If there is one book you need to buy during this Christmas season, it’s the new book by Fox News commentator, John Gibson. It’s entitled, The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday is Worse Than You Thought. While it can sell for up to $24.95, you can get great deals at or other websites that offer discounted books.

I got mine for $15.00! Here is an extended quote from Gibson’s book on this embattled holiday:

“There are millions of Americans who feel that Christmas is under attack in such a sustained and strategized manner that there is, no doubt, a war on Christmas. It’s no longer permissible to wish anyone Merry Christmas. That’s too exclusive, too insensitive. What if they’re not Christian? What if they’re an atheist? You might assume that this war is being fought in blue states, bastions of liberalism and multiculturalism, where anything traditional, Christian, or Western is a target. But the war on Christmas is broader than you can imagine. All across America the battle is being joined. As you will read in these pages, Christmas is under attack in bright red states such as Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, and Indiana.

You might think that the war on Christmas is being fought on the grounds that overtly religious symbols in public—such as nativity scenes and crosses—violate the separation of church and state that many judges have read into the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. But again, you’d be underestimating the war on Christmas. It’s worse than you think.

Liberals’ attacks now focus on symbols regarded by most Americans—and even by the Supreme Court of the United States (in its Lynch v. Donnelly ruling) to be secular symbols of the federal holiday that is Christmas. Wannabe constitutional lawyers in local government offices all over the country are declaring unconstitutional normal and traditional Christmas representations such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus, treetop stars, wreaths, the singing of and listening to Christmas carols or Christmas instrumental music, attending a performance of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, the publication of the word ‘Christmas’ itself, and even the colors red and green!

In the United States of America, a nation overwhelmingly Christian (authoritative polling figures ranger from 72% to 84%), literally any sign of Christmas in public can lead to complaints, litigation, angry protests, threats, and bruised feelings. And every year we are treated to the sight of more limitations placed on Christmas. Often the first shots of the battle are fired in schools. Many schools have either already changed Christmas trees into friendship trees or giving trees or holiday trees, or are considering it. Almost everywhere a school district is limiting what Christmas carols kids can sing or hear, or a district is considering it. Almost everywhere a school district has decided that kids cannot have Christmas parties, but instead must have winter parties; almost everywhere school administrators have either disinvited Santa or are giving him sidelong glances of suspicion, and in some schools the winter theme must be so completely universal that even the colors red and green are forbidden.

There are groups that actively threaten any public official who dares put Christmas (and therefore Christianity) in a public place. The threats are delivered in the form of a letter objecting to a public Christmas display, but they soon morph into a lawsuit demanding the defendant (the school district, city, county) not only banish the public Christmas images but pay the legal expenses of the group bringing the lawsuit. What cash-strapped school official can afford to waste precious pennies paying the court fees of a skilled ACLU lawyer if they defeat the small town in court before a liberal judge? More than once school official has described these tactics as ‘intimidation’ and ‘blackmail.’ After all these years watching Christmas come and go, and watching the courts rule on church and state issues—sometimes sensibly, sometimes not—I have seen the equally important right of the free expression of religion whittled away. Christians have a right to put up a Christmas tree in a school and call it what it is. They shouldn’t have to call it a ‘paradise tree’ or a ‘friendship tree’ or a ‘giving tree’ or a ‘world tree’ or a ‘holiday tree’ just because it’s in a public place, any more than Jews should have to call a menorah (which represents a religious miracle to them) a ‘holiday candelabra’ in case Christians or atheists are offended.

Again, in the schools, any appearance of Christianity is treated like a hazmat crisis! Yes, Virginia, there is a war on Christmas. And in the coming chapters of my book, you will learn that it’s much worse than you dreamed!” (Excerpts from: The War on Christmas by John Gibson.)


What’s A Holiday Tree?

“The battle over Christmas political correctness has erupted into an international incident. For years the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has been donating a huge Christmas tree to the city of Boston, all part of the province’s gratitude for Boston’s help in 1917 when a tremendous explosion killed close to 2,000 people in the city of Halifax. This year, the tree is a 48-foot spruce—but the Nova Scotia logger who donated it says he wishes he could take it back. What has Donnie Hatt so upset is that for the first time, the city of Boston is refusing to call it a Christmas tree, opting instead for the politically correct name of ‘holiday tree.’ As Hatt puts it, ‘If it was a holiday tree, you might as well put it up at Easter.’ And it seems most Boston residents feel the same say. Reuters quotes a CBS poll in which 64% of the respondents said Christmas has become too politically correct. Evangelist Jerry Falwell says the Boston incident is just the latest in a ‘concerted effort to steal Christmas,’ and he is pressing the city to change the name back.” (Agape Press. 11/28/05.)


Lowe’s Axes Holiday Trees

“The president of a pro-family group says he’s pleased that Lowe’s home improvement stores have stopped selling ‘holiday trees’ and have changed to offering ‘Christmas trees.’ According to the American Family Association, several major retailers have joined in a politically correct ‘push to ban’ the use of the term ‘Christmas’ in their advertising and in-store promotions. Included in that list, says AFA, are such major outlets as Kmart, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens. Recently, the pro-family group brought to the attention of the public that another retailer—this time the home improvement retailer Lowe’s—appeared to have jumped on the bandwagon as well. AFA reported that instead of selling ‘Christmas trees,’ Lowe’s was offering fresh-cut ‘holiday tress.’ Following that revelation, ‘thousands of AFA supporters contacted Lowe’s to express their displeasure,’ stated an AFA press release—resulting in the retailer announcing it was going to refer to all its trees as Christmas trees ‘to ensure consistency of our message and to avoid confusion among our customers.’ The ‘Holiday Trees’ banner is also now removed.” (Agape Press. 11/30/05.)


Radio Hosts Have Anti-Religious Death Wish

I woke up early one morning and listened to a radio talk show with my headphones—so as not to wake up my wife. What I heard on this secular morning show shocked and angered me. It was called “The Bob and Tom Show” that is produced from Indianapolis, Indiana. These two guys were doing their sarcastic schtick and happened to be talking about the city of Boston changing the name of their “Christmas tree” to “ Holiday tree.” One of the hosts noted that the Rev. Jerry Falwell was leading the charge to get the city to change the name back. Of course, they mocked and verbally tore Falwell to shreds. But then the host said, “I’d like to gather all the conservative Christians together in one area and drop a nuke on them all.”

Now, wait a minute...I know that liberal secular, radio talk shows are pushing the limits of what they can say and really pressing the boundaries of decency. But, to attack those who love Christ and then add a veiled death threat is going too far. I was so upset that I wrote a letter to these talk show hosts about their focused hatred on one group.

“Dear Bob & Tom & were not so tolerant when you recently called for the death of all conservative Christians just because they wanted the city of Boston to maintain the name ‘Christmas’ tree instead of ‘holiday’ tree. With your warped logic, why don’t you just continue your hateful schtick. Will you also talk about…

Those activist Negroes highjacking Christmas with Kwanzaa. Let’s gather them all up in one room and lynch them all. That would take care of things. Or hey, let’s also eliminate those pesky Jews who are concerned that the Menorah is now being renamed a Holiday Candle. We can round up all those Hebrews and gas them all. But hey, wait a minute...that already happened!...Hitler did that. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Hats off to Adolph!’...right?

The way you verbally disemboweled Jerry Falwell was as grotesque and shocking as that of radical Muslims cutting off a Westerner’s head. Eliminating the word ‘Christmas’ has nothing to do with Jerry Falwell or ‘right-wing’ Christians...Christmas is a religious tradition beloved by millions of Americans! You are very much out of step with mainstream America...but your desire to purge America of our religious heritage is very much in step with leftist, godless secularism. You should be ashamed of yourselves...but, I won’t hold my breath.” (Tom Pedigo. AFA of CO. Salt Factor newsletter. December 2005.)


The ACLU & Christmas

“Nearly 96% of Americans observe in either cultural, religious, or community ways the holiday of Christmas. And yet there is a public assault against Christmas as is initiated each year by the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU has taken it upon themselves—as a badge of honor, if you will—to attempt to systematically expunge the terms, definitions, and in many cases the symbols of the holiday from municipalities to school districts, and from clothing stores to home improvement centers. Through threats, intimidation and—in increasing numbers of actual cases of litigation—the anti-God organization leads the charge. In large part because the towns, schools, and businesses they prey upon are small and uninitiated, they give up from fears of a costly legal battle.

And while the ACLU’s advance seems unstoppable, little has been done to reply to their increasing desire to devour every public institution and re-conform it to an atheistic viewpoint that is every bit as much an expression of religious speech as anything they protest. Well, enough is enough! Let’s take it to the ACLU properly. For all of December, I am actively encouraging you to fight back against the ACLU onslaught—and doing so in such massive numbers that they will be forced to sit up and take notice. The plan is simple: Drown them in wishes for a ‘Merry Christmas.’ That’s right. Let’s all of us send them a specific ‘Merry Christmas’ card and write a polite line stating why Christmas is such a valued treasure to you personally. Send it to:


“Wishing You Merry Christmas”

125 Broad Street

18th Floor

New York City , NY 10004

Already there is a fast growing number of large blog, talk-radio, and media personalities contributing to the cause. There are many different ways to fight back against those who seek to destroy that which is sacred to us. But if we will not stand up for what we love, who will? And by the way...if nobody has told you yet: ‘Merry Christmas!’” (WorldNetDaily. 12/2/05. “Merry Christmas to the ACLU.” Kevin McCullough.)


A Harvard Student Protests Political Correctness

“Christian students at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, are criticizing Christmas censorship that is happening in nearby Boston this year. Harvard University senior Philip Powell, a member of the school’s Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship, says he was amused at first by the city’s political correctness, but soon he became disgusted. ‘Certainly what Harvard—and, really the Boston area in general—tries to do is call for a culture of understanding and mutual appreciation of various faiths, but it’s really not what’s happening here,’ he notes. ‘Much more than appreciating the Christian faith here,’ Powell continues, ‘ really, as ridiculous as it sounds, the City of Boston is trying to suppress it.’

Nevertheless, he is convinced that taking legal action is not the answer and says, ‘I really think it’s something we need to fight on the grassroots level. We need to, as Christians, be involved in saying what it is we believe and being open with those around us in that regard.’ Boston, for a city that purports to be tolerant of all religious faiths, is being extremely intolerant towards those who want to celebrate the traditional meaning of Christmas, the Harvard student observes. Still, he believes the battle against creeping secularism cannot be won judicially. This university activist maintains that Christians’ prayers and individual efforts will do far more to win this battle than any court.”(Agape Press. 12/1/05.)


House Hastert & the Holiday

“Just recently, House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) wrote a letter to the architect of the U. S. Capitol urging that the so-called ‘Capitol Holiday Tree’ be renamed the ‘Capitol Christmas Tree,’ as it was known for many years. The term for the annual spruce tree apparently changed some time in the 1990s. In recent years our nation has been plagued by a series of politically-correct decrees that are designed to create a sanitized public square, creating what are essentially religion-free zones. ‘I strongly urge that we return to this tradition and join the White House, countless other public institutions and millions of American families in celebrating the holiday season with a Christmas tree,’ wrote Hastert.” (Moral Majority. 12/1/05.)


Just Say “Merry Christmas”

“Capitalizing on the colored-bracelet phenomenon, a group urging Americans to ’just say Merry Christmas’ is offering a red and green wristband to help push its cause. Operation: Just Say Merry Christmas is offering the bracelets for $2.00 each. ‘The enemies of Christmas have succeeded in making Christians feel as if we are bad and intolerant to with someone a “Merry Christmas,”’ states the website. ’This is political correctness run amok. We have reached an all-time low point in our nation’s history when human sensibilities are elevated above offending Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is long past the time for Christians to stand firm in our faith.’ Operation: Just Say Merry Christmas is a campaign designed to encourage Christians nationwide and around the world to proudly proclaim the Christ Child as the center of

the Christmas Season once again.” (WorldNetDaily. 1/2/05.)


Spanish Christmas Okay?

“In Austin, Texas, a banner was displayed at a new Lowe’s home-improvement store. In English, the sign reads: ‘Now Here! Fresh Cut Holiday Trees.’ But, right below the English announcement in Spanish, the sign reads: ‘Now Here! Fresh Cut Christmas Trees.’ (Ahora aqui! Arboles de Navidad recien cortados.) ‘It’s okay to offend all the English-speaking Christians, but no, not the Spanish speakers. They may be just visiting,’ a WorldNetDaily reader in Austin said. ‘By the way,’ the reader noted, ‘they only had “Christmas” tree stands for their fresh cut “Holiday” trees. P.S.—Merry Christmas!” (WorldNetDaily. 11/27/05.)


Freedom of Speech or Anti-christianism?

“The common denominator is, you would ask a city manager in Eugene, Oregon, ‘Why did you cause all

that trouble for yourself by banning Christmas trees?’ and he would casually say, ‘Well, because they are Christian.’” (Agape Press. 11/15/05.)


Rev. Falwell & Christmas

“There’s simply no need to ban Christmas in America. And if retailers determine that Christmas isn’t for them, then they can expect to lose the support of many Americans. I believe many Americans are fed up with the endeavors of a small minority of our fellow citizens who are seeking to obliterate Christmas—and other historic religious symbols that have defined our nation for most of our history—from the public square. Here’s a certainty: If retailers comprehend that multitudes of shoppers are shunning them because they have disallowed a word ‘Christmas,’ that strategy will quickly fade. It’s time we join together and protect Christmas from the secular Grinches who want to stifle its celebration in public venues throughout our nation. We can win this battle if we all join together.” (Jerry Falwell. Moral Majority Coalition. 12/2/05.)


Wal-Mart Holiday Website

“A Catholic advocacy group has launched a national boycott against Wal-Mart, claiming the world’s No. 1 retailer has in effect ‘banned’ Christmas, while promoting other seasonal holidays such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. But Wal-Mart tells WorldNetDaily it has ‘absolutely not’ banned Christmas, but is just ‘trying to serve all our customers for the holiday season.’ William Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights points out, and confirmed by WorldNetDaily, that when using the company’s online search engine, if the word ‘Hanukkah’ is entered, 200 items for sale are returned. The term ‘Kwanzaa’ yields 77. But when ‘Christmas’ is entered, the message returned says: “We’ve brought you to our ‘ Holiday’ page based on your search.’ You must search for a secondary link to finally find the term ‘Christmas.’”

(WorldNetDaily. 11/10/05.)


Florida School Reversal

“Christian attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is praising a decision by a Florida school board to once again recognize religious holidays on the district’s school calendar. The Hillsborough County School Board wanted to eliminate all religious holiday vacation days but because of the widespread public outrage and national media attention, the board members reversed course and voted 5-2 to restore religious holidays to the school calendar.” (Agape Press. 11/15/05.)


Jews for Christmas!

“A group of Jewish Americans says its members are fed up with the war being waged against Christmas. Recently, at a National Press Club gathering in Washington, the group’s president, Don Feder, voiced his organization’s feelings when he declared, ‘Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation is here today to say, ‘Enough already. If you’re offended by a municipal Christmas tree or Santa Clause in a holiday parade or a manger in a park, get over it!”’ Feder went on to say that banning the word ‘Christmas’ and other references to Jesus makes no sense in the United States. ‘This is an overwhelmingly Christian nation, and it’s a matter of simple courtesy to acknowledge a holiday celebrated by 96% of the American people,’ he asserted. Feder also said that the United States was built on the principles of Judeo-Christian ethics, and it is important for the nation to maintain the right of its citizens to celebrate those principles and the birth of the one from whom they emanate.” (Agape Press. 12/2/05.)


Rabbi Stands Up for Christmas

“December is here which means the dreaded ‘C word’ is upon us. We shall all hear those ‘Happy holidays and Happy Hanukkahs,’ but rarely a ‘Merry Christmas.’ Secular fundamentalism has successfully injected into American culture the notion that the word ‘Christmas’ is deeply offensive. I think we Jews may be making a grievous mistake in allowing them to banish Christmas without a challenge. We see obsequious regard for faiths like Judaism and even Islam, while Christianity is treated with contempt. I don’t want Judaism treated with less respect. I want Christianity to be treated with as much respect. Step up to the greeting-card racks in your local drug store and see what I mean...few mention Christmas, almost as if the word is so offensive that casual card browsers should be protected from accidental contamination.

Our self-appointed ‘leaders’ in the Jewish community do us no favor by denouncing every public expression of Christian faith as if it were a ham sandwich at a bar mitzvah. Anti-Christianism is unhealthy for all Americans, but I warn my brethren that it will prove particularly destructive for Jews to be leading the extirpation of all signs of Christian fervor from the village square.” (WorldNetDaily. “Merry Christmas is not offensive!” Rabbi Daniel Lapin. 11/23/05.)


An Attorney & Pro-Christmas Book

“An attorney has written a book that was inspired from headlines about efforts to remove Christ from Christmas. In his new book The Judge Who Stole Christmas, Randy Singer tells the story of a fictional town in Virginia that is sued by the American Civil Liberties Union for erecting a Nativity scene on the town square. In the book the story captures national attention as a judge is set to outlaw Christmas. Singer says he decided to write the book partly in response to increasing efforts to secularize Christmas. The author says the books was also written to educate government officials. He explains that one way he does that is to have the town council in the story do everything in the wrong way. ‘There are ways that we can still celebrate Christmas, but the town’s leaders just mess it up so badly,’ he says. ‘So I thought that would be one way to teach the readers what we can and can’t do.’ Singer serves as chief counsel for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.” (Agape Press. 12/2/05.)


Judge Says “No” to Jesus

“A federal judge has ruled that the prayers used to open sessions of the Indiana House of Representatives can no longer mention Jesus Christ or advance a religious faith. Judge David Hamilton issued a permanent injunction barring House Speaker Brian Bosma from permitting sectarian prayer as part of the official business of the House. The judge ruled that Bosma can continue the legislative prayers but only if those giving the invocations do not use Jesus Christ’s name or title. His ruling says people do not have a First Amendment right to use an official platform like the speaker’s podium to express their own religious faiths.

The House speaker calls that an ‘intolerable decision’ that should be overturned. Indiana political and religious leaders are outraged at Judge Hamilton’s ban. Hamilton’s injunction stems from a lawsuit filed by the Indiana Civil Liberties Union on behalf of four people who said they found the Christian prayers offensive. Democratic state Representative Terry Goodin says he hopes to give the opening prayer when the House reconvenes in January. In his words, ‘A judge is not going to tell me what I can and cannot say to express my belief in Christ.’ And some pastors say they will not obey an order to say only generic prayers.” (Agape Press. 12/2/05.)


Private Bible Study Banned

“Our public schools and universities have become rabidly anti-First Amendment. We see this in the recent ruling of administrators at the University of Wisconsin-Eu Claire banning resident assistants in the school’s dorms from leading Bible studies in their own rooms on their own time. Deborah Newman, UWEC’s Associate Director for Housing and Residence Life, banned such studies because some students might think the resident assistants were ‘unapproachable.’ Newman told one of the resident assistants that he must ‘be available to your residents both in reality and from their perspective.’ Newman made it clear that resident assistants who insisted on exercising their First Amendment right to free exercise

of religion would face ‘disciplinary action.’ Question: If it damages our nation when citizens express or practice their faith in public, how long before our faith won’t be allowed in private?” ( 11/05.)


Newdow on Religious Money

“Michael Newdow, perhaps America’s best known atheist, has a new target in his personal war against God in the public domain: ‘In God We Trust’ on U.S. money. ‘I am going to file a lawsuit to get “In God We Trust” off the from of our currency,’ he told the Oklahoman. Newdow made this statement recently before addressing the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma Foundation Bill of Rights Celebration. ‘Our Government is not treating atheists equal with people who believe in God when you say “In God We Trust” or we are a “nation under God,”’ said Newdow. In September, a federal judge in Sacramento ruled the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is unconstitutional. The pledge’s reference to one nation ‘under God’ violates school children’s right to be ‘free from a coercive requirement to affirm God,’ said the district judge.” (WorldNetDaily. 11/14/05.)


Town of Las Cruces & Anti-Cross?

“Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice, says his group has filed briefs on behalf of a college town in New Mexico that is being sued because the community’s official logo depicts three crosses. The city of Las Cruces (this town is a Spanish name meaning ‘The Crosses’) has been slapped with a federal lawsuit by two area residents and the group Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, who claim the logo amounts to religious persecution of non-Christians. The suit seeks to have the logo modified to something that contains no references to Christianity. In addition to filing briefs backing Las Cruces, Sekulow is preparing a letter to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who favors the logo remaining unchanged, thanking him for his efforts supporting the ‘religious heritage of the city.’”

(Agape Press. 12/2/05.)





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